Paolo Jannacci and Stefano Massini in Sanremo 2024

The artists Paolo Jannacci And Stefano Massini They will sing on stage at the Sanremo Festival on Thursday February 8th The Man in the Lightning, an unreleased song that addresses the topic of workplace deaths. Son of the Great Enzo Jannacci, Paul He is a musician and songwriter Stefano Massinithe only Italian winner of one Tony Awards of American theater, is an esteemed writer and storyteller.

The song, with arrangement and orchestra conducted by Maestro Maurizio Bassiis the result of consolidated collaboration between Jannacci And Massini, already protagonists of the theater performance stories of Piccolo Teatro di Milano. The text of The Man in the Lightning provides a high-level look at workplace deaths that are often overlooked despite their devastating impact.

Stefano Massini explained: The song is a small portrait of life, dramatic because it expresses an impossible dialogue: in the photo that hangs in the living room, the father never stops talking to his son, who is now growing up to become the legend of this father “Died” is a flash'.

Paolo Jannacci adds his post: The Man in the Lightning is a small contribution in poetic form to not forget those who died at work and to always keep us on guard, because our lives depend on it. Italy is a democratic republic based on work, but we often forget that. I can't say anything else because I'm just an acrobat… But we know: acrobats have always told bitter truths..

The song is released by WHITE WING on all digital platforms after the performance at Ariston on Thursday, February 8th. White wingknown for its attention to meaningful content, presents a poetic and social work of denunciation thanks to the sensitivity of the two artists. Paolo Jannacci and Stefano Massini are ready to unite their voices against indifference to workplace deaths and set the stage Sanremo a place of reflection.

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