Parallel Lives: Ted Bee takes everyone to school

The new album by ted bee is titled parallel lives.

7 titles that tell 7 true stories and take the concept of storytelling to a new level.

Once again we’re in the school of Ted Bee: Vite Parallele is a real culture lesson

Outside now parallel livesthe new album by Ted Bee, which brings all his knowledge to the music.

We are in front of a small masterpiece, a real contemporary history lesson analyzed through seven controversial episodes of Italian history. Each song tells a story that really happened, the typical Italian stories that everyone knows and nobody talks about. Events in which the lives of two protagonists, victims of events or the state, are intertwined.

Ted Bee’s rap, therefore, goes beyond the concept of storytelling that it is about storytelling Deepen these 7 stories in detail and precisely.

In Vite Parallele we find passages dedicated to the stories of Fausto and Iaio, left militants killed by the neo-fascist right; Carlo Giuliani and Giorgiana Masi, killed by the state, albeit at different times; Vincenzo Spagnolo and Gabriele Sandri, victims of stadium violence; Giuseppe Pinelli and Pietro Valpreda, accused of the massacre in Piazza Fontana; Francesca Mambro and Valerio Fioravanti, accused of the Bologna massacre; Tommaso Buscetta and Patrizio Peci, pentiti of the Cosa Nostra and the Red Brigades; Giuseppe Meazza and Valentino Mazzola are considered the two greatest Italian footballers of all time.

The tracks were all produced by Suhan for Bullet Recordsexcept track 6, produced by Federico Calandra.

As Ted Bee himself told us on social media, this could be his last album:

“Vite Parallele is my latest work, maybe in every way. Rap doesn’t excite me as much as it used to and all things in life have a beginning and an end. If you like, give it a listen, although today I don’t know when I’ll be working on something new again. I’ve been making this music since I was 16 years old. He has given me so much in terms of experiences, memories, human relationships and time when I don’t think about how hard life is. But it also asked a lot of me. Now that I’m 35 years old, I honestly don’t know where the pointer is at. I started writing because I thought it was the only way to survive physical death and leave an everlasting mark on the world. I was certainly very ambitious and would settle for less today, but I’m still out of place at a time when everything takes half a second.”

Obviously, as fans of Ted Bee and his music, we deeply regret his decision because we still need this type of songs that are becoming increasingly rare in today’s scene and a character like him, always against the majority.

Don’t cry because something ends. Smile because it happened.

parallel lives by Ted Bee is now available on all digital platforms.

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