Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem’s The Hillbillies is available now

The Hillbillies is the name of the new single by Kendrick Lamar And baby keem. The unreleased version surprisingly appeared a few hours ago and is only available on YouTube for the time being.

The track marks the fourth collaboration between the two artists, who have given us two of the best rap samples on the contemporary scene in recent years: The melodic blue And Mr Morale.

Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem together in The Hillbillies.

The minimalist and experimental beat bears the signature of the New Yorker EVILGIAN and sees rappers exchanging slashes in what appears to be genuine dialogue. The content of the piece is in stark contrast to the title, an antiquated term that we could paraphrase in this way ruffian.

The narrative centers on the star lives of K-Dot and Keem, who started from the bottom up to conquer the rap game. Despite their humble beginnings – hence The Hillbillies– The two have become famous and appreciated in public (click HERE for the full text):

“We’re gonna screw up the world (here and now)/sorry but is that your girl?” (here now)/didn’t mean to own your girl/baby i’m known never tell ’em you met me girl (Send it from here now)/They will think that you represent me girl 1.70m tall I’m Messi girl (Right here right now)”

As we expected, the unreleased version is only available on YouTube channel pgLang, the art project that Kendrick started a few years ago. The clip’s scenes are some behind-the-scenes footage from Kendrick and Keem’s latest tours.

We don’t know yet if The Hillbillies whether or not one expects a joint album by rappers, although some blogs have already done so, despite the silence of those directly involved.

While you wait for more news, all you have to do is check out the video from the link below… Enjoy!

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