Snoop Dogg’s new album with Dr. Dre is almost done

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When the GOATs of American rap move, there’s always curiosity and an almost unsettling anticipation, which is why many—including us—can’t wait to find out what it’s going to be like. missionariesthe new official album of Snoop Dogg created with the valuable support of dr dr.

Incidentally, new updates come from a friend and colleague from their prime: Hear what he said The doctor

Snoop Dogg for new album “Missionary” names Dr. Dre and The DOC

Recently, the so-called hype surrounding his twenty-first studio album, which is personal in every respect, has increased dramatically.

Hip-hop heads around the globe are sure to fly when a photo of Snoop and Dre in the studio is released that will easily transport anyone back to the days of Snoop and Dre The chronicle And doggy styletwo historical and at the same time fundamental albums for the career of these two legends.

Also the DOC, another legendary character, was very close to these two masterpieces this fiery time at the turn of the nineties and that for missionaries They decided to call him back again.

He confirmed this himself during an interview for the podcast From Lo’s deskin which he said he was planning “going to Los Angeles for a week to help Snoop and Dre finish Snoop’s Missionary album. We haven’t all worked together seriously in the sense that we’ve been in a creative environment for a long time. And we’re all in the mood to do something great, so it’s going to be an interesting week. We should be able to come up with two or three really great songs because we’re all in that kind of situation

dr Dre was introduced for this new Snoop Dogg album.excited like in the days of The Chronic” and many rappers were equally smitten with this release, including envelope rhymes And Conway The Machine.

So let’s get ready, because this come back in the heyday of death row seems imminent now!

Below is The DOC’s full interview:

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