The Detroit Pistons and Royce Da 5'9'' paid homage to J Dilla

The historic franchise N.B.A From Detroitthe Pistons, collaborates with Royce of 5’9” to pay homage to the legend J Dilla.

J Dilla on Detroit Pistons jerseys

The Detroit Pistons have announced a collaboration with Royce da 5'9″ to celebrate the life and legacy of the late Detroit legend J Dilla.

The announcement came on Dilla's 50th birthday, nearly 18 years after his tragic death, and according to the official press release, the Pistons felt compelled to tell his story, especially after hip-hop's 50th anniversary.

Those who know Dilla's musical genius understand his influence on hip-hop, but there are still many who don't know his legacy“, he said Bilal Saeed, vice president of brand and marketing strategy. Adds: “The Pistons wanted to tell their story in a creative way while highlighting the city's influence on music around the world

The team contacted Dilla's long-time friend. Frank Nittwhich he introduced his family to the Pistons, and to complete it he collaborated with one of the greatest Detroit MCs of recent years, Royce, who became the project's artistic director.

Dilla's lasting legacy is a treasure that must be preserved at all costssaid Royce. “It is my great honor to be responsible for curating his image in this exclusive outing entrusted to me by his family and the Pistons. This campaign means a lot not only to me, but also to the city of Detroit and the hip-hop community as a whole

Each part of the capsule is a tribute to Jay Dee and can be purchased from us during the 313 daysMarch 13th, the day to celebrate the spirit and soul of Detroit.

Let's hope that Dilla's legacy will bring good results to the team that currently has the worst record in the NBA and was recently represented on the court by the two Italians. Gallinari And Fontecchio.

RIP J Say it.

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