The Sanremo 2023 bomb scare led to the evacuation of Villa Nobel

Sanremo 2024. The usual bomb threat cannot be missed. This time it's Villa Nobel's turn which was evacuated this evening during a party organized by Radio Mediaset to mark the start of the Sanremo festival after a bomb threat was reported in an anonymous telephone call. Among the guests were some of the artists who took part in the 74th Sanremo Festival.

The area has been isolated by police with the fire department present and is awaiting the arrival of the bomb squad. The ongoing party at Villa Nobel marked the opening of the “Oltre il Festival”, the Radio Mediaset project in which six stations – Radio 105, Radio Monte Carlo, R101, Radio Subasio, Radio Norba, Radio Bella & Monella – take part in a whole Week-long meetings between professionals, artists and guests are involved.

In addition to the participating radio stations, several artists who are taking part in the festival starting tomorrow were also present at the invitation dinner. Police intervened during the event and called for an immediate evacuation without providing details of the bomb threat. After the security check roadblock, participants returned to their respective hotels.

Source ANSA and Repubblica

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