Vegas Jones Facts is proof that he is real

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Today, February 21st, one of the most anticipated returns has finally materialized, although we may not be able to exactly call it a return since the release of his latest project is already a few months ago. However, it looks like that is the case facts, The single is released today, Vegas Jones is back the right wayin everyone and for everyone.

Read on to find out more about it Facts.

Vegas Jones is back with Facts, his explosive new single

In long-term careers there are always “returns” to the scene, but they don’t always go as planned. We can say without too many words that Veggie's recent attempts to return to the spotlight do not seem to have convinced the audience too much and, above all, what emerged from the latest releases is that the crap that had always characterized him is there had done get a little lost…

that's not the case facts, The song, out today, has what it takes to be the first track that allows Vegas Jones to regain the right credit and recognition.

Facts it rests on a very powerful one hit From Frenkie G and also boasts of the valuable collaboration of Steve Moro. In this piece, Vegas Jones reminds us of the determination he has put into the success of his artistic career, that it is always like this, and last but not least, why, despite the years, he is still one of the most accomplished artists in the what he does.

I don't try, I succeed, that's a fact
Keep the damn change, I promised myself that
I wouldn't have missed out on all the euros and that's what I did

On the occasion of the release of the single Video on YouTube by Factsunder the high-profile direction of Gennaro Esposito and Renato Lambo, which helps us to immerse ourselves even more in the mood of the song.

Click on shortcut below to listen Factsthe new single from Vegas Jones.

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