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New scene – Rhythm + Flow Italia It's the new show from Netflix published on Monday, February 19th. The aim of the program is to find the new Italian rapper par excellence who will win the 100,000 euro prize. Three expert jurors decide the fate of the participants: Fabri Fibra, Rose villain And Geolier.

Competitors of Nuova Scena, Rhythm + Flow Italia

The show is a talent show that focuses solely on rap. Those who had access to the castings were selected by the jury itself and were assisted in the various decisions by other rappers and producers such as: B. supported Guè, Ernia, Ketama126, Lazza, Lele Blade, Nayt, Nitro, Rocco Hunt, Squarta And Yung Snapp. However, others were presented directly by the program during the auditions.

The pre-castings took place mainly in three cities: Rome, Milan and Naples. Only some of the shortlisted candidates received a place at the Milan auditions. Fibra was entrusted with the Roman scene, from which he brought El Matador, Spender, Nooz, Grein, Suspect CB and Fata to Milan. Rose was entrusted with Milan, from which she selected Yannis, Flaza, Dubrasil, Caciah and Made. However, Geolier took care of Naples and chose Christian Revo, Ciro Zero, Kid Lost, Jelecrois and Capozanarky.

Let's get to know the competitors of Nuova Scena, Rhythm + Flow Italia:

Christian Revo

Christian is a boy with an international childhood. He was born in Italy and moved to Chicago with his family at the age of six, where he became passionate about rap. When he was nine years old, he returned to Secondigliano after his father's arrest for selling counterfeit clothes. He is already quite well known in the Neapolitan rap scene, in fact he had already collaborated with Geolier.

Ciro Zero

Ciro is also an old acquaintance of Geolier. In fact, the two started out together in a rapper collective. He initially worked in security and then moved to the factory. After a bad time, he left the factory and decided to start rapping seriously.

Lost child

Kid Lost is a rapper with around 10 years of experience. He has a family that supports him in everything and is a Napoli fan. One of his songs, I want Abballà ft. Lil Tony has already surpassed 4 million views on Spotify.


Jelecrois (I believe it in French) is one of the few selected female rappers. Not much is known about her at the moment, she comes from the Neapolitan district of Pianura and started making music in 2000 Covid-19 pandemic and has around 300 monthly listeners on Spotify. He immediately impressed Geolier by winning a spot at the auditions.


Neapolitan rapper born in 2005. He made his official debut in the world of rap in 2021 at just 16 years old. Geolier placed great trust in him and, despite initial doubts, decided to take him to Milan to audition in front of all three judges.


Yannis is a 24 year old boy, born in French Guiana and raised in Turin. Rose described him as a rapper full of energy and authenticity and chose him for his technique and the themes contained in the song chosen for the audition. He also raps in French.


Flaza is a rapper from Fregene (Fiumicino) born in 2000. He is not a new face in the world of talent, he had already participated in the twenty-first edition of Friends. He convinced Rose, seemed original in his eyes and was able to continue his journey on Netflix within Nuova Scena.


Martina, aka Dubrasil, is a rapper from a suburb of Milan, more precisely from Quarto Oggiaro. His mother is Brazilian and his father is Italian. He had alcohol-related problems until he had a serious car accident as a result. From that moment on, he decided to focus exclusively on music and thus managed to recover.


A rapper from Rozzano, he also describes himself as having been saved by music after falling into the wrong circle. He also included sentences in Spanish in the piece that led to the pre-auditions.


Made is a boy from San Giuliano Milanese. He is 22 years old and started with freestyle and only later wrote his own songs.


Spender is 30 years old and comes from Rome. He has had a very tough history where he was heavily influenced by drugs from the age of 11 to 22. Despite some concerns, Fabri chose him and advised him to work on the flow and themes of the songs.

El Matador

Dylan, a rapper from Ciampino, says he started rapping after hearing his own Except you by Fabri Fibra. His stage name is inspired by South American footballers, who often have such a nickname. His goal is to convey happiness, in fact his motto is “Take it well”.


Roman rapper who has a strong desire for redemption. In his presentation he shows us the destroyed buildings of the neighborhood where he lives and, together with his friends, says that he is a good boy born in a bad neighborhood.


Grein is Roman and 23 years old. He does not hide that his primary goal is to make money. His confidence in rapping was greatly appreciated by Fibra and decided to bring him to Milan.

Suspect CB

Suspect CB is a rapper from Reggio Emilia living in Rome. If he wins 100,000 euros, he would like to give his family a gift and invest part of it in music. We recently already met him in a song, Giorgia Meloniaccompanied by Ernia.


Another participating girl, Roman, only 20 years old. She started rapping, locked in her bedroom closet so she wouldn't be heard. Her mother's death, after which she began singing in 2019, had a strong impact on her.

When the episodes of Nuova Scena Italia appear: which competitors will move on?

If you're curious, see how the contestants' castings go New scene, Rhythm + Flow ItaliaThe first four episodes were released on Netflix on Monday, February 19th and include the pre-castings and the first part of the auditions. The next ones will be published in the next few Mondays and the finale is scheduled for March 4th.

You can watch the trailer below:

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