“Whoever doesn’t jump is a communist”. Silvio Berlusconi, an ante throw meme

And in short, here we are: it’s time to mourn together, make a long-delayed effort of the imagination, and delve into a post-Berlusconian Italy (even biologically).

Yesterday’s funerals, the Milan and Forza Italia flags, the billboards, copies of The newspaper Protection from the Milanese sun and the sermon of Monsignor Delpini will be remembered in the future as relics of an ancient world, as the last remnants of a certain way of thinking, living and imagining this country. And then of course there are the memes.

From this point of view, the last farewell to Silvio Berlusconi – a man who was a kind of meme at the end of the day ante-literam – looked like a very long episode of Hello Darwinwith two teams determined to reclaim their place in Piazza del Caimano: on the one hand the very assembled team of the institutions and the magic circle of Arcore, on the other that of the much-vaunted “real country” that on bread grew up , Mediaset and Olgettine.

The memetic potential of the event was evident from the very first moment, with the refrain “Chi non salta communista è” moving TG5 correspondent Elena Guarnieri. A scene that encapsulates all of Berlusconi’s ingredients, raw and raw: stadium chants, instrumental McCarthyism, caciara and Mediaset culture – if you missed it, you can catch up below.

A few seconds that we’ll review for a long time, declined in all sauces: It’s not every day that a perfect basis for a meme comes along. And indeed…

There was also room for the slightly heavier, grittier and nationally popular memes, such as the rain of content that in these hours has chosen the (guilty) RAI journalist Laura Troja as the involuntary protagonist, who went to Milan to do his job has become a staple memetic (do we REALLY need to explain why? No, come on).

So, a prominent place is the now-famous “Travaglio uomo di merda” billboard, which can take us back in time.

In this parallel universe, where the spirit of the times still reigns supreme in the 1990s, and where Silvio Berlusconi is still President of Milan and everything, a lady with blonde pigtails and a “No to living wills” T-shirt has whipped out another poster destined to remain in the annals: “Thank you for Eluana Englaro”.

@nxwss_ We went to Silvio’s funeral #Berlusconi to report the statements of those present. #attempt #Abortion #Euthanasia #Silvio Berlusconi #forzaitalia ♬ Original sound – Nxwss

And what about the flower crown Made in Escort Advisor?

Returning to the Mediaset subset, we can’t help but mention the photomontage of Gabibbo taking her place in the Duomo and the sculptural (and painful) pose of Barbara D’Urso.

We conclude with one of the late Cavaliere’s favorite pastimes: the ball, particularly his Milan. Of course, the T-shirts with the name “Berlusconi” and the only possible number: 69 could not be missing.

Photo: Claudia Vanacore

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