2023 and the concerts are still going on

By vainsofjenna Aug8,2023 #concerts

After another appearance in playback, we want to give you a simple reflection on this scourge that affects concerts, not only rap and of course not only Italians.

The concerts in playback continue to outrage us

Do you know the Toy Story meme? Well, we could do it with backing tracks: “Play, play anywhere“. Yes, because whether it’s a local concert, a slightly more structured concert, or a live event for national television, we continue to see artists on stage essentially lip syncing.

Whether it is a large part of the verses or often the whole piece, there are now increasing examples of performances where “live” there is only stage presence.

2023 is certainly nothing new: it has been like this for several years and what does this trend entail? What the new generations Those who go to concerts for the first time immediately get used to the backing tracks and that’s bad for the entire category, not just for rap (also because in other genres the story is much longer).

Recently we happened to see Sulla Rai during the TIM Summer Hits event, Rondodasosa We performed with a song that was all backing track and we were very impressed, albeit reluctantly: such important shows could be used differently, particularly for those that have potential and too often have garnered more attention than their music .

But we certainly don’t want to poke fun at the ears of the playback makers with this post, they will certainly have their reasons for it. Our intention is only one: to point out to the young people who read us that there is live music and music played back, in the hope that some form of education in this sense can be found.

Let’s work together to give that fair weight for those who work hard To offer a concert worthy of the name and thus support less and less those who do something else, for the sake of the music or simply the wallet: is it really pleasant to attend a concert in playback?

We believe the answer will come naturally.

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