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By vainsofjenna Aug10,2023 #reach

After habitatpublished a month ago, here it is Nostill outside with made by soooostill paired with 3D in production.

A stylistic return for the Roman rapper (through adoption) who becomes the bearer of a clear philosophy: to go it alone. I believe to be respected, always valid. Especially now.

Nayt’s Made Itself: The Cure for the Current Music Habitat

The living space music has set dynamics
The music market does not offer a wide range of possibilities
Sometimes it’s just the ones who make beautiful music that fall
Sometimes all you see is shit and ass to lick (No, War Within)

Born in 1994, 9 albums released, various collaborations in Rome and the rest of Italy, Nayt is out with a new single. Active since 2012 and representative of a middle generation, born in the mid-90s, somewhere between analog and digital, he has found lyrical depth and found the right measures.

habitat It is the album of artistic maturity achieved: yes, it is a formula that I have also repeated in our other insights. But if you listen carefully, 2023 is a fruitful year musically. And it’s not finished yet. Better for us. That we are here to announce a finally high level to you, fans of a certain genre.

How to reach a high level

If you have high expectations, try to talk about complex issues and dynamics, because “sometimes you have to go further”, as the saying goes Evil people years before:

I don’t want to be a mediocre man
Insecurity creates a vacuum, pride covers it
I wonder if they love me, I want proof
I hate addiction but I love drugs (No, Fragile)

So in today’s global market, it’s like hating addiction and loving drugs at the same time: it’s a utopia, a contradiction, a paradox. It is a challenge.

In concrete terms, the piece is a hit: It certainly depends on the parameters we use to evaluate it. From the point of view of musicality, catchiness, it’s flawless. Interesting moves in the verses – they resonate Jestodefinitely an inspiration for Nayt – a spinning chorus, a club beat.

Thematically, the single is an extension of habitat. Seek diligence in writing without imprisoning yourself in an ivory tower of impenetrable standards for the masses. To be understood as a priority and indispensable goal.

The only flaw I think is in the production. To be honest, I would have expected more from 3D than a kind of type beat. But that is just the opinion of each listener. Listen and decide for yourself.


  • Click HERE to read the text I’ve done it myself by Nayt

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