Antonacci and Clementino disappoint… the best comes from the new songwriters

Testimonies NEW SINGLE from 12 May from our music critic Fabio river.

I would say the time has come! Yes, the first songs for the summer are just around the corner and if they are catchphrases it will likely be the radios and you the listener who will decide. Certainly a lot of meat is already being cooked and much more is ready to stew on the burning embers. Who will win?

Critically, I have to say that there are many nice suggestions and these also come from artists who have not yet completed their ascent. More disappointing are some classy names that line up at the back instead.

I remind you of the voices that you will find at the end of the mini-reviews They don’t put artists in competition with each otherthey actually are is attributed to the song based on the artist’s career that suggests it and if you go upstairs you can discover it golden song of the week. I also remember that the “no” is not a negative vote, but a simple statement that the song is unnecessarily upvoted from a radio perspective.

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