Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. This is Loreen’s second time!


The grand final of the 67th edition took place in Liverpool and the 26 qualifying nations went head-to-head on the Liverpool Arena stage.

The Big Five In addition to Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain and the defending champion Ukraine, the 20 nations that had qualified in the two semi-finals were added in the final.

Norway, Serbia, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Israel, Moldova, Sweden, Czech Republic and Finland qualified for last Tuesday’s semifinals. However, eliminate Malta, Latvia, Ireland, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands.

Armenia, Estonia, Belgium, Cyprus, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Albania, Lithuania and Australia advanced to the final in last Thursday’s semifinals. Instead, Denmark, Romania, Iceland, Greece, Georgia and San Marino were eliminated.

Marco Mengoniwith two livesreturns to the race for the second time after finishing seventh in 2013 The essential. Ten years later he improves his result and takes fourth place behind Sweden, Finland and Israel.

These are Italy’s classifications since returning to competition in 2011. Here All votes of the evening in detail.

Eurovision Song Contest 2023: The ranking list is updated vote by vote in real time

ITALY at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years

  • 2023 Marco Mengonitwo lives – Fourth place
  • 2022 Mahmood & Blanco – chills – sixth place
  • 2021 mane skin – Shut up and good – WINNER
  • 2020 diodate – make noise – suspended due to Covid
  • 2019 Mahmood – Money – Runner up
  • 2018 Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro – you didn’t do anything to me – Fifth
  • 2017 Francesco Gabbani – The karma of westerners – sixth place
  • 2016 Francesca Michielin – No degree of separation – sixteenth place
  • 2015 The flight – Great love – Third place finisher
  • 2014 Emma – My city – Twenty-first classified
  • 2013 Marco Mengoni – The essential – seventh place
  • 2012 Nina zilliLove is female – ninth place
  • 2011 raphael Gualazzimadness of love – second place

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