Ensi, Nero – King Kong vs. Godzilla (lyrics)

Text from King Kong vs Godzilla From Ensi And Nerosong produced by psalm.

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We are what you don’t deserve but need most
We all agree on the Beat Gordo
Married to the road, like a ring a crossroads
She saw me on my knees, she said yes I do

Everyone likes us like Vasco and Liga
C*zzo ef*ga, Italian, I’ll pass you in line
The rap trap scene ita, brother has shrunk
That’s what my game does, but he doesn’t rap

It’s not hard here when I have the top of the range
When My Family is activated, an alarm will sound
Playground Harlem, you don’t touch the ball here
The sound is Billy Hoyle, watch a white man jump, ah

Man, it’s not a duo, it’s not a boy band, it’s more of a metal group
Your super ugly partner looks like your colleague
What a bad time, the scene took a bad turn
We’re a rare steak at a vegan dinner

Witch, your mother turned you into a monster
I will also break your friend’s ass with the limp cock
You know how beautiful the world is with your money and our cock
Your outfit is beautiful, only the red nose is missing

Me with Max, David Beckham with Michael Owen
Let’s fuck the scene, tell me where, Goldone
Nero is ready to fire, omen nomen
You only have your name and asshole in your passport

Oh man, that tastes like papaya, that quenches my thirst
Open shirt on the playa, playa style
I drive with three thousand like André from “Hey Ya!”
It’s all in the family Here like the Wayans brothers

King Kong Godzilla, the flow trills like Ali in Manila
Give me the club, Wilma, you must be mad
The current here is a maravilla, it will shoot you further
Here you forgive everything, Alzheimer’s is in the scene

I remember everything, I’m a fucking elephant
If I ghostwrite you, you pay me to ghostwrite
And watch me kill another rapper Ghost Rider
Head on fire, tongue of fire, an arsenal, brother, like the Gunners

Green smoke like Hulk, I’m Bruce Banner but with bars
Bruce Barre, we give these guys two hands

I’m from Turin, Alpignano, terronic fuck
I’m Italian, I don’t eat pizza at Domino’s
I’m from Milan, a squirt, 1g, is the usual
Italian D&G and I will bang you like an octopus

Make money, money, what do you do, put your hands?
A sense of humor isn’t a business, brother
Take money, money there’s no tomorrow here
I’ll take everything from you, uncle, you and I are not the same

You can’t say anything anymore, there’s someone who’s offended
So shit people, the apostrophe can’t be heard
Indiscriminately I catch myself with the one who speaks to me
I only have one passion, but I can’t cultivate it

Duet with this girl but it’s not TikTok
Head between her legs, I’m beatboxing
Baby mama make me rich
Pay me in full as Rico

Know the boss of this shit, then make him rich
And I’m leaving this damn shack
We are good people preparing other people for war
Take the field and let the earth rule


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