Because we are talking about the rights of Arisa, Giorgia Meloni and LGBTQ+

“I like Meloni because he has a lot of Cazzimma, that’s going to go against me,” Arisa said during the interview with The confession with Peter Gomez. And when she spoke about the government’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights, she added: “Her positions are not open, but in my opinion she is acting like a very strict and scared mother.” A mother who is not only the mother of one child but has three or four children and has to do things that are good for everyone. But sometimes it seems that one of the 4 does not fit». And he concluded: “In my opinion, it takes time and a change of attitude on our part, not always in battle but in dialogue.” Words from the mouth of the singer-songwriter, who this year (after that of Padua in the last year) will be godmother of the Pride of Rome and Milan have sparked controversy in the rainbow community on social media.

Vladimir Luxuria replied on Twitter: “Arisa, a mother can be sweet or strict, but she must be so towards all her children, have no children and stepchildren, leave one of her children behind just because she is different from the others, and it so treat.” an ugly duckling: she doesn’t, she’s strict, she’s an unfair mother.”

Arisa then posted directly to Instagram about the attacks, presumably making her situation worse: “I never ask you for anything because I don’t ask you anything.” And I don’t rely on the support you give me or the records that you buy me, because you don’t even buy records. “I was supposed to be Lady Gaga,” the singer erupted. “See you at Pride on June 10th and then at Milan. The advice is: speak freely and reflect and be wary of those who always and only say yes. Anyone who just says yes is using you. Instead, those who talk to you and even risk their face love you.”

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