Drecode takes us back to the golden age of hip pop with Italia 90

Italy 90th is the rapper’s new single Drecode from August 25 for Estro Records.

Once upon a time there was glittering Italy in the 1990s, a time when the economy was thriving but hiding the shadow of an impending downfall that was to come with the introduction of the euro. It arises from this story Italy 90ththe new song by the young Tuscan rapper Drecode.

The cover is clear: a worn 1000 lire banknote, in black and white and with a mischievous smile heralding the decay of times to come. This is a symbol of a time when appearances shone but an uncertain future loomed beneath the surface.

The title itself refers to a football federation: an Italy poised for the ‘event of events’ but now slowly sinking in the quicksand of the crisis.

Drecode brings this scenario to life with his song, delving into a base that smells of those golden years but still sounds modern and topical.

In the chorus, the track celebrates iconic objects like the legendary Air Max 97 (Silver)our dear panda and the skillful “hands in the dough” that still play a fundamental role in the Bel Paese today.

Drecode, born in 1991 and originally from Pescia, has always been attracted to the visual arts and hip-hop culture in all its forms. In 2018 she started writing and soon discovered her own unique style. His music is a fusion of old-school elements and current sounds that takes us straight to the heart of the 90s with a fresh touch.

The texts of Drecode They are raw and unfiltered, often infused with American influences and slang. They tell the story of the environment in which the artist grew up and found his way.

Italy 90th It’s a journey down memory lane, but also a look into the present, blending hip-hop’s roots with contemporary energy and spirit.

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