Sanremo: In the latest Amadeus, for the first time, the attack on the big names?

Sanremo Music Festival 2024.

Let’s assume that this article I’m writing you has nothing to do with hearsay, possibilities, research in the labyrinth of record labels and insiders.

For this, the director has already done his utmost with his “great article”, which you have not only read in many, but which has also been strongly taken up by important newspapers and professional journals, with some citing us as the authors of the investigations and their ethics is finished , others wrongly claim it as the worst of the click-happy sites. But that doesn’t bother us, we continue on our way. If you want to read the original, you can find it Here.

With this article, which is the first in a series, I have another task to shed some light on who Sanremo He should go there for a number of reasons that are varied and possible.

First One of the reasons for this is that the festival is finally playing a central role again and also represents a large part of the market, which it has not been for several years.

Second Because in the past it was associated with a whole project, a well-developed and well-thought-out album, whereas today in the current singles market it is enough to simply have a good song that you want to present to the public.

Third Because now the career at the festival is no longer at stake and they don’t go about starting it or restarting it in the hope of at least a discreet result in order to snag some live dates for the summer. Definitely we go to the festival because now the songs it produces are getting everywhere and everyone, even artists outside the current chart rules, which are 80% based on streaming, manage to attract attention and results that even go gold and platinum.

Fourth and finally why Sanremoin the person of his deus ex machina amadeusreally managed to establish itself as a mainstay already as a TV show only event, followed by peaks of 60% of TVs turned on (which is factored in taking into account the fact that they were in front of the TV). Sanremo There’s always at least two people, so many, many more that are worth engaging or coming back into the game.

Given these premises, which artists do I think should participate? Sanremo Music Festival 2024?

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Sanremo Music Festival 2024

In this context, I will start with the first category, that of the artist, the… You never went thereat least in the race.

Thanks to a guest participation two years ago, kissed by noise, success, applause on the open stage and a show built with his songs of extremely rare beauty, Caesar Cremonini This year, it could be one of the Artistic Director’s “targeted” goals Amedeo Maria Sebastianiin art amadeus.

Surely the artist is working on new compositions, which at “The girl of the future” from 2021 exactly. The record, which is of remarkable beauty and workmanship, did not progress beyond Gold certification, confirming and underscoring how much pop artists, who have dominated the scene for years, are struggling to hold their own, at least numerically.

Even the singles, all beautiful and peppered only with praise from the radio, didn’t yield exciting results with the solo humming-bird reached the gold finish.

Then a successful festival could underscore a mastery of artistry, which is why modern times risk being confusing, for in any case record companies, or what’s left of them, still thrive on numbers.

Here are the latest winning performances from Mengoni or mahmoodthat the festival had already won it or returning after years Fiorella Mannoia, Massimo Ranieri, Gianni Morandi, Elisa and Giorgiawho never thought about getting back into racing are there to show that going back to massive news for months at a time might not hurt so much.

The same reasoning could apply to the case Titian Ferro desired by all artistic directors and owners amadeus he could sign up as a regular for an entire issue. In this case, however, different CaesarPerhaps Titian it didn’t come across very well.

The pressure of being confronted with a sacred monster of our musical history every night has made him exalted and pained at some performances, but not a little at others. Titian Then he saw his stash of best-selling artists of the 2000s dwindle no little, with several works exceeding half a million copies, to the modest gold record of the last copy.The world is ours“, which also in this case always by analogy with Cremonini has produced an equally unique gold disc among the individual excerpts, The glorious lifedespite the heavy radio hype and the remarkable and very packed concerts in the stadiums.

What do we need to freshen up in one fell swoop with one of his wonderful ballads in front of twenty million people? I would think about it and send the squeeze to zero.

In the Olympus of the greats who have never set foot on Ariston except by parachute as a super guest, I’d aim straight if it were me lovesAt Antonello Venditti And Gianna Nannini. The first seems much closer today to popular discourses that were seemingly shunned in the golden years, the second has been repeatedly courted by opposition and it may be the right time to give way. After all, the orchestra is very close to all of its successful works of the last 15 years and more.

Think about Naninithen a few magical nights come to mind that we haven’t been able to recreate in a long time, but which make me point the viewfinder directly at it Edward Benato who sang these notes with her in 1990. Even the Neapolitan singer-songwriter has never taken part in the festival, but in recent years he has changed his position, taking part as a guest of other artists, so it always seemed amused. Is it the case to try because he’s having fun in the first person this time?

I’d like to close this with two contemporary music figures who share the songwriter’s name but come to a different conclusion: Thomas Paradise And Brunori Sas.

We know that from both of them amadeus he would have wanted her in his other issues, but the first one said he never took the idea of ​​being there seriously, although he always reads among the possible ones without ever sending a piece (or so he says ). and the second that between studio work, touring and promotion, he was always busy thinking about the hypothesis.

Well, today the solo record from paradise It’s not like he’s done miracles, especially considering the expectations, and perhaps an influx of media outlets could help the shy singer-songwriter bring more hay to the farmhouse for his entire production while Brunori was set to work on new things , who knows, maybe from that point on they could find the first way to be appreciated.

It is clear that there are many other artists who have never participated and that amadeus He might be trying to persuade, but here he’s just giving voice to my thoughts.

Let’s say I feel a bit like the artistic director and would work with someone I would start with, of course hoping at least one would give up.

In the next article we will look at urban areas instead.


The article Sanremo: in the latest Amadeus for the first time the charge of the big names? comes from All Music Italia.

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