Francesca Michielin reports back on social networks after the operation: “The operation was successful!”

It was early August when Francesca MichielinAfter canceling some concerts that had already been planned, he had declared on social networks that he had to undergo an operation. Now, the singer-songwriter is once again reassuring her fans about her health via her official profiles.

Hello Rega! Thank you for all the positive energies you have sent me these days.

The surgery was successful and I went home to rest and slowly regain the energy I needed to start swinging again.

These are the words with which the michelinback on video from September to direct the 17th edition of X factorShe’s back on social media, making an appointment for the fall, and quoting one of her idols: Taylor Swift

Have a nice August!! We get together on these screens from time to time to share wonderful boredom (and some Taylor songs). I hug you individually

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