From Laura Pausini’s parents to Cricca, everyone comes together to help

From the parents of Laura Pausini To clique From Friends of Maria De Filippi, along with many ordinary people, volunteers, law enforcement and rescuers. In these hours everyone tries to do something for Emilia Romagna and its inhabitants.

As everyone has known for days, not only the images of the Italian television news show us the catastrophe that rains and floods have caused and continue to cause in Emilia Romagna. As of May 19, the number of people who have lost their lives as a result of this natural disaster is 14.

Among the artists who are doing everything in these hours to help the population in concrete terms and through appeals, there are also Laura Pausini. Even the town in the province of Ravenna where Laura grew up, Solarolo, was inundated by the water.

That’s where the people who are closest to her live. His parents, lifelong friends and there is also the headquarters of his fan club, which should be inaugurated on the occasion of the annual meeting with his fans in the new guise of the house museum with the pieces of history and all the awards won The singer.

Today the condition is a must because at the moment there is something else to consider and nobody can predict how the situation will develop. These are the words posted by laura on social media on the day it all began, May 17th, exactly one day after his 49th birthday…

We must rebuild, bring hope and homes back to life – his message was shared on social channels – We are united even from afar. I too, like many of you, am waiting to communicate with relatives and friends. I too, like many of you, completely flooded my house and my fan club. Luckily they were empty when everything happened yesterday.

There Pausini In recent days, he has repeatedly used his social profiles to mediate official communications and show his closeness to his people, who are trying to overcome this somber moment with great dignity. Even the singer’s parents, 78-year-old Fabrizio and 75-year-old Paola, took to the streets to clean up the mud and help.

was laura himself to post a photo of it, accompanied by these words:

Mom and dad.
The example of your life.
Thank you for teaching us to never give up.

Even the young man clique18-year-old singer from Riccione, featured in the latest issue of Friendswent to Forlì with his sister to try to help people with flooded houses and basements. Johnthis is his real name, made an appeal to his colleagues:

I talk to young people from Romagna like me, but not only … in the next few days everyone who wants to come and help will come. There are so many people who just need to make a simple human chain to fill buckets with water. Turn. ROMAGNA WILL NOT GIVE UP.


Also Gianni Morandi In the past few hours he spoke to people with a live broadcast Instagram from his sister’s house Nadia. In connection with him also the children Marianna And Marco.

Many artists and organizers move with the aim of making a contribution: I have already heard several pledges from those who immediately made themselves available. Of course, it will be necessary to think about the space where the initiative will take place: someone even thought of Campovolo, or at least another similar place.

In any case, everyone here is talking about our country, Emilia-Romagna, and as I have seen, there are many young people and not just those who have already started work“.

In the meantime, for those who wish to provide concrete assistance, below is the image published by the Territorial Security and Civil Protection Agency of Emilia Romagna.

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