Hip Hop 50: Vol 2, the Swizz Beatz EP is here!

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The highly anticipated EP by Swiss Beatz, Hip Hop 50: Volume 2which recently underwent a tracklist update to add a track Jay electronicsis now finally available for listening.

Swizz Beatz pays homage to 50 years of hip hop with an EP

50 years after this revolutionary gimmick by DJ Kool HercIn 2023 we will celebrate the birthday of hip hop.

There will be several shows of affection and initiatives that we will see throughout the year. RunDMC, public enemy, Ice T, Queen Latifah and other iconic figures of rap during the 65th edition of Grammy Awardsperformed in the segment of the show reserved for such a celebration.

The segment started with LL Cool J who introduced the performances:

It’s a story that began on August 11, 1973, when DJ Cool Curt threw a party for his sister Cindy at a recreation room on Central Avenue in the Bronx and banged the breakbeats that started a global musical revolution

Another project planned for this year, part of the tribute to the hip-hop characters who revolutionized music, is a documentary curated by seek love from The Roots to the historical producer figure J Dilla.
So in keeping with the celebrations of entertainment genre, etiquette and branding wet Mass Appeal is busy releasing a number of EPs.

The first, Hip Hop 50: Volume 1released in July 2022, was produced by DJ Premier and contain names like Run the jewels And Joey Bada$$while the just released second volume has been edited by Swizz Beatz who has created a harmonious musical space that includes both legendary names such as e.g lil wayneNose jadakiss what current rap stars like Lil Durk, Benny the butcher and other.

Of the 6 tracks that make up the Ep, they certainly stand out take em outthe track with Jadakiss, Benny the Butcher and scar lipwhich has a very old-school East Cost sound and pays homage to the New York gangsta rap that Scar Lip himself recently paid homage to with a single titled This is New Yorkdraw inspiration from the dead dmx extensionand the track with lil wayne, This shit herewhich contains a small intervention of Jay Z.

For lovers of the genre Hip Hop 50: Volume 2 It’s definitely a project worth listening to.

You can find it at the link below.

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