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Aldebaran Records in collaboration with Pick Up Records and Universal dusts off a classic neffa: Chicopiscothe only EP ever made by Mr. Pellino, dating back to 1999.

It is a very significant album for his career: below we will explain why.

Chicopisco: The vinyl reissue of Neffa’s album is coming

The majority of artists who lived the 90s to the fullest throw out sweet words for it every time they talk about the history of rap mixed blood and the entire Bologna scene, then the main center of local hip-hop. One of his spearheads was for all Giovanni Pellino, aka Neffa, who later dictated the law in the environment SxM by Sangue Misto and with his two albums in connection with various messengers And elementsHe gradually internalized the decision to distance himself from his surroundings.

The clear proof of this change bears the name of Chicopisco, his first and only EP from 1999, with which he made it clear from the first listen that something had changed in him. The melodies were now an integral part of his songs, both in the verse and especially in the choruses, in a sort of foreshadowing of what was about to happen with the pop album arrivals and departures, released shortly before he produced in 2002 (with old beats) youth problems by FabriFibra.

Also for this bridge between Neffa’s two careers – if we may call it that – Chicopisco is one of the most interesting records of his career and thanks to Aldebaran Records he can now make a comeback with the help of vinyl

For this new edition were provided 500 hand-numbered copies in a limited edition, black vinyl 180gr. 45 RPM to ensure greater listening dynamics.

Ah, unlike usual, no pre-orders: the copies will be on sale Friday, April 21 from 11 a.m on the Aldebaran Records website and will be mailed the following Tuesday.

Collectors or fans of Neffa, don’t miss this release.

Here the site. Below if you want the streaming:

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