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There are many MCs who have helped write pages and pages of American rap history: among them, caps-locked, all-caps, and bold writing has been in the last twenty years lil wayne and reminds us properly i am musicit’s new Greatest HitsS

I Am Music: a brief review of Lil Wayne’s discography

Kant Nobody is the piece with which it begins i am musica kind of greatest hits from one of the greatest rappers of all time: Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne.

Beside him is also present in this new song dmx extensionanother legend of the rap game that unfortunately has not existed for a few years and that we find here sampled both in beat and at the beginning of the piece with an excerpt of an old interview of his, thanks to the excellence work done by the made friend Swiss Beatzproducer of the song.

But Kant nobodynot only is it a beautiful homage to DMX, but it demonstrates once again Lil Wayne’s incredible form, who has no problem with self-proclaimed “Best rapper, ex-trapper, elegant dress“, in a few words the best and coolest of the scene.

Status he proclaimed back in 2008, at the time one of his biggest hits and featured on the tracklist of i am music appears right after lollipop:

Single carrier of the classic The Carter IIIwas the breakthrough song for the rapper’s career, which made him reach the whole world with his autotune and the chewed rapping that has always distinguished him, two means that have always served him to spit impeccable bars, sometimes irreverent or sexually explicit .

Not everyone knows it, but the song also has a feature that’s not quite as fortunate as the song itself. R&B singers Static Majorin fact, died sixteen days before the publication of lollipopcomplete with a video clip already filmed in which he is clearly present and which also for that reason generated a lot of talking points in an unforgettable 2008 for Lil Wayne, marked by another iconic song and video clip that managed to break MTV and the world Billboard charts .

It is about to MilliBanger we can still hear loud in the best hip-hop clubs today:

The three stanzas of to Milli Said to have been rapped all in one take, in one fell swoop, they are one of the many manifestations of the strength and style of this 1982 class from New Orleans, who, along with plenty of success and a few flops, have had some health issues and a passion to be on which he’s very proud of, skateboarding, he’s been shaping the world rap scene for three decades now and he just won’t stop.

Indeed, how many hits has he released during his career, and we find many of them right in i am musicout of Go Dj To firefighteraccompanied by rap game giants such as Eminem, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar And drakethe latter for years the spearhead of the Young money entertainmenthis very personal record label, founded eighteen years ago.

In short, the years are passing and Lil Wayne is still riding the crest of the wave and his next step seems to be named by carter 6, sixth chapter of one of the most popular and successful record series in history, and with which he will probably once again prove that he is among the best with the microphone in hand, although he too has stepped out of the gates a few years ago. However, Weezy is burdened like never before, so much so that he’s defining himself for the occasion.the music‘ and bring to life a long-awaited, randomly-titled tour Welcome to Tha Carter and that will take him to the stages of more than 20 cities across the United States.

Could this tour also be an opportunity to give a taste of the awaited new chapter in the Tha Carter saga? We’ll see as we witness some of the best of his long career i am music:

Text originally written for the Storify by BSMNT 105 and then revised.

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