“If I don't save myself, no one will do it for me…”

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BigMom after bringing his message of revenge to the Ariston stage through song Sanremo FestivalAnger is not enough“was able to do this in a global way by appearing on the stage of the General Assembly ofU.N..

The message of Mariannathat is the real name of BigMombecomes all the more important because it is free from any hypocrisy…

If I could go back, I would give you a real house to sleep in
Even if I was just made of glass, I would cover you in the street and get hit

The girl sings, addressing her own child, who endured violence and bullying as an adult and had to learn to take her place in the world with a body and sexual orientation that many find uncomfortable.

In the piece it is like that BigMom look after Mariannathere is no love that saves you, because to save yourself you have to start with yourself, because the world is a difficult place where the soul rarely finds a place.

With this awareness it succeeds BigMom continued his speechU.N. in front of two thousand high school students who traveled from New York and around the world for the program.United Nations Global Citizens Model' searched by United Networkan organization affiliated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications…

All my life they have told me that I was completely wrong. Believing in your dreams saves.

My body type caused people to label me as “not good enough” before they even met me. In the minds of others, a fat person is a listless, lazy, inactive, unintelligent person who has no desire to improve himself. For a person like me, dreaming was useless.

I come from a very small town with an equally small mentality. I endured years of bullying, verbal and physical. I remember every day of my childhood and youth full of hateful words. “Fat girl, go on a diet, you suck.”

For years I tried to avoid suffering through silence. The first reaction was anger. When I was 13, I wrote my first song, “Charlotte,” a rap about suicide and self-harm, and kept it to myself for three years. BigMama was born when I had the strength to release it on YouTube.

If I don't love myself, no one will do it for me. If I don't save myself, no one will do it for me.

All the joys and sorrows, the falls and rises of BigMom will find a place in the songs of his first album: “blood“, will be released on March 8th for Epic/Sony Music Italy.

Here the link to purchase the CD version and Here those for the vinyl version (As a partner Amazon Our site earns from qualifying purchases).

It will contain every little part of my life, from the Milan experience, where I felt better understood but still afraid of people, to the illness, twelve sessions of chemotherapy to combat Hodgkin's lymphoma discovered when I was about to sign his first real record deal…”

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