Amadeus, the fundamental name to celebrate the 10th anniversary of All Music Italia

Exactly ten years ago the… February 22, 2014was born All music Italy. Over the years we have always entrusted the editorial or article dedicated to our anniversary to people we respect and who, in our opinion, are fundamental to the dissemination of Italian music (e.g Laura Pausini). This year there was only one name that we searched for and really wanted… Amadeus.

As those who follow our website closely know, there are two main focuses that have followed us since our debut. The aim is to deal only with Italian music and to give space to the largest possible number of artists, without regard to age, popularity and musical genre. No matter whether they are big or aspiring.

And if Italian music has always been at home at the Sanremo Festival, this final goal, the space without distinction according to genre, age and popularity, was also the basis for the five wonderful years with which Amadeus revolutionized the Sanremo Festival.

You cannot please everyone and you cannot make everyone agree with your decisions and your way of working, but with the results, the sales multiplied, the artists that have become known again or have been introduced to the market Songs and albums in the charts, the songs that endure over time… all this well-being of Italian music and the recording industry is objective and in plain sight.

The revolution of Sanremo Festival goes through a great passion, that of Amadeus. A passion that we share with him in our own small way.

For this reason, there was and was no plan B in my mind as to who could be the godfather of this moment, of our first ten years.

A big thank you to the signatory and the entire editorial team All music Italy To Amadeus this despite all the obligations of the position SanremoI found the time to dedicate the words listed below to ourselves.

We wish him a happy holiday from the festival and as we know, the holidays will end soon 😉

Massimiliano Longo

10 years of All Music Italia: the words of Amadeus

Happy Birthday All music ItalyHappy birthday… Hurrah Hurray, ten years.

Ten years of great music, ten years of always being present, always close to the music. I have to say that in addition to Happy Birthday, I also have to thank you because you have always been there with great competence at all my five festivals and supported the music, which is the most important thing.

I thank and congratulate the director, Massimiliano Longo, who has always been precise and attentive in all his reflections, and therefore congratulations because you deserve to celebrate this tenth anniversary with the many readers who follow you

Warm greetings to All Music Italia and a warm hug from Amadeus.”


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