Irama easily surpasses one billion streams on Spotify

In February this year Irama celebrated his first 8 years of career and this with a series of numbers that make him not only the most certified artist among the artists passed by Amici, but also one of the most listened to artists Spotify in Italy now ready to break into foreign markets with almost 1 billion and 200 million streams.

It was 2016 when Philip took the first phase of his life. This phase was that of Feast of Sanremo. What followed was an arguably unfair takedown, an album titled Irama and the summer profit at summer festivals with you will come back to me.

Despite a more than good start for an aspiring manager in the time of his record company, the Warner Music Italygranted him another single, i will do drugsThey wanted him to write for the teen idols of the time.

That was at that moment Irama turned the cards on the table and opted for the display Friends of Maria De Filippi aware of being an artist who, apart from his pretty face, was completely aloof from all those who preceded him in the program.

Nevertheless, it was a success and a record Featherdriven by the single Black climbed the podium of the best-selling albums of the year. It’s usually assumed that talent is on the way down because of the lack of constant daily television exposure. But no, for Irama it was not like that.

All of their subsequent albums managed to not just do as well or better in terms of copies sold, but far surpass them Feather in streams; in currents; in rivers.

Any numbers? Here you are:

  1. 2019 Young (was later released with the Sanremo Repack Forever young)
    382.839.606 of streams alone on Spotify
  2. 2020 cracks
    235.266.778 of streams alone on Spotify
  3. 2022 The day I stopped thinking (with relative deluxe version)
    221.343.873 of streams alone on Spotify
  4. Feather
    161.666.271 of streams alone on Spotify
  5. Irama
    39,857,718 of streams alone on Spotify

To these numbers must be added songs that were never included in an album’s track listing. Starting in summer Forbidden Melody (nearly 40 million) to duet with Francis Sarcina At Milan to Sanremo The creation of my colour with over 60 million listeners, always on solo Spotify.

All this not only 1,149,300,000 (one billion 490 million 300 thousand) streams on the platform, a number that climbs to almost 1 billion and 250 million listeners if you count the duets on the albums as well Rkomi And club, but most importantly, these titles do not form numbers but a series of words. way, success, credibility.

And credibility is certainly the most important word among these likes Irama Today he is an artist who has a rare specialty that he has conquered in the field.

That you can start summer buzzwords, from Black To Mediterranean Seastep onto the stage sanremo with an electronic piece like The emergence of your color or with a ballad in which vocal interpretation are essential elements (Wherever you are) and plunge into the urban solo or with artists like Urban Rkomi, Lazza And Ebbasta Sphere.

All this always comfortable and coherent for the audience. And therefore Irama Today he is certainly one of the Italian artists most willing to make themselves known abroad.

And that’s why we, who have been supporting him since 2016 and who see this talent, this sparkle in his eyes and this fire in himself, will be happy to deliver him in the next few weeks.All Music Italy Awards 2022 for choosing The Day I Stopped Thinking as the best album of the year with over 26,000 individual votes.

In the meantime, off to the one and a half billion streams and more. Good boy Philip!

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