Male. Noel Gallagher talks about them: “Wow, they are beautiful…”

noel Gallagher talk about it male.

noel Gallagher55, author, guitarist, singer and ex oasisis in Italy for the promotion of his album, due out on June 2nd, Heaven of Councilalbum, which will be followed by a concert in Milan in November next year.

Interviewed exclusively by vanity fair The 55-year-old artist spoke about music, via King Charles III and when asked, he replied with his thoughts on ours male making a rather superfluous quote on an episode that is now largely denied (and archived).

The CD begins with Noel’s reflection on today’s music:

Pop rules, in all its variations. Nobody plays the guitar anymore, today’s kids only wear them on stage. Now the charts are all commercial pop music. Music, like most things in life, is dictated by the economy. So what sells is what is given to people. And with the advent of Spotify and Co. everything is there.

This is where the journalist’s question comes in Stefania Saltalamacchia who asks him if he knows, and if so, what he thinks, gods male. Gallagherafter first saying he didn’t know her and bursting out laughing, he replied like this:

Oh yes, it’s these guys who won Eurovision. And I love Eurovision. The night they won, I watched it and saw one of them doing drugs on TV. Yes, yes, I know it wasn’t true at the time… I don’t have an opinion on them to be honest, but I remember looking at them that night and thinking, “Wow, they’re beautiful.” I don’t remember the song but I think it tells her story“.

The artist also explained that he was not asked to sing at the coronation King Charles III (as we did instead Andrew Bocellican you see it Here), but that he wouldn’t care anyway…

I don’t think Carlo is very popular. I don’t think people of my generation have any interest in the royal family. It belongs to earlier generations, like religion. It’s dying out. Everyone loved the queen, she was a great inspiration.

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