Laura Bono One step away Lyrics and meaning of the new solo single

Laura Bono One step away Meaning of the lyrics of the song marking the rock singer-songwriter’s solo return after the bracket in the de project The Devas.

Single issue on Friday April 21 For Freak&Chic with distribution artists firstis produced by KaleidoCloud.

Seven years have passed since the release of by’s last solo album laura, Secret. Well, as announced a few months ago on social media (cf Here), the singer-songwriter returns with a song that emanates from her blunt and raw writing, backed by a production that amplifies and explodes the songwriter’s unique voice like “the burning stars‘ mentioned in the piece in a chorus that contains the whole soul of the piece.

Laura Bono One Step meaning of the song

Laura Bono This new piece puts it this way:

We are people who believe in what can be seen and touched, but at the same time we have an urgent need to believe in something more intangible, like what happens in San Lorenzo on a starry night when you can’t take the stars but they express desires, and you want to believe them.

Like feeling that the angels, albeit invisible, will stay by your side forever in a world where reality is almost never forever, and you want to believe it. An un passo is a song about distances. It’s a walk next to pain, life goes on and in the background a love that’s ever more distant, and you don’t want to believe it.

This single and the new tour mark the beginning of the collaboration between laura with the creative factory Freak&Chicwho will take care of his musical project at 360 degrees, a new chapter in the artist’s career, a solo return to his most natural and unfiltered dimension, that of the live stages and contact with his audience.

Laura Bono has announced three live dates. This is the data produced by Freak&Chic in the calendar:


  • Friday, May 5, 2023 – TENETO (RE), After hours
  • Friday 12 May 2023 – ROME, Venue Largo
  • Sunday 14 May 2023 – MILAN, Magazzini Generali

Laura Bono Text and audio in one step


Cover photo: Marco Piraccini

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