Laura Pausini and Annalisa triumph

Artists continue Spotify. On the occasion of International Women's Day 2024 Spotify revealed encouraging data on female music from Annalisa To Laura Pausini.

To date Spotify is the world's most popular streaming subscription service with a community of over 602 million users, including 236 million Spotify Premium subscribers in a total of 180 countries.

In 2023, there was an 18% increase in listeners to female artists (+190% compared to 2018). An encouraging sign, although, it should be remembered, the proportion of women listening to songs is still extremely low. The songs with a female lead artist actually only make up 15% of the total.

For this reason, the platform was also launched in 2020 EVENthe global program created to amplify the voices of female musicians and artists locally and internationally.

This year, on the symbolic day dedicated to the rights of all women, Spotify has selected the rapper for the second time BigMom as its ambassador, following the important messages conveyed by the artist Sanremo Festival but also toU.N. (Do you see Here).

As well as on the cover of the playlist SAME ItalyThe Avellino artist also contributed to the curation of the music selection along with the team Spotify.

However, we talked about an increase of 18% in female artists in 2023. So who were the Italian artists most listened to in our country and the world? Click “Next” below to explore.

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