Denise Faro Free and whether I like the lyrics and meaning of the song that Vasco Rossi wrote for Women's Day

Denise Faro Free of charge and whenever I want Text and meaning.

It's on Women's DayMarch 8, 2024go out “Free of charge and whenever I want“, the new single from Denise lighthouse written specifically for her voice and as an anthem for all women Vasco Rossi.

In recent weeks, the rocker announced on social media that he was working on the song for his friend Denise Faro, an Italian artist who proved brave and determined in pursuing her American dream. And that's exactly where she is in Los Angeles Vasco They met.

Denise Faro Free if I like the meaning of the song

Given in an interview The Republic Denise he explained:

Today I'm living a dream, I'm in the studio with him and recording a song that fully reflects me. He understood me: “Free and if I like”, there couldn't be a better title for a song that talks about how a woman feels when she is “free to love” and like love itself, loving and being loved , that's what really makes us feel good, is our greatest freedom“.

Vasco Rossi He, for his part, wrote about it in recent days Instagram:

It's an honest and sincere song… on the side of women… free, free… even to say no!

Written by Blasco with Roberto Casini And by Andrea RighiFree of charge and whenever I want“is a tribute to women, ironic and provocative, who must always have the freedom to say no, but also a message to men to learn how frustrating rejection is.

The song will be released on Friday March 8, 2024.

Denise Faro Free and if I like text and audio

Coming Friday March 8th

Let's get to know Denise Faro better

Born on August 2, 1988 in Rome, Denise She took her first steps into the world of music in 2002 as a singer and musical actress.

On her later reference stage, the theater, the girl took part in numerous performances, including the popular opera from 2007 to 2008 Riccardo Cocciante And Pasquale Panella, Romeo and Juliet, Patty's World – The most beautiful musical And High School Musicals.

Patty's world Among other things, it will open the doors of Spain and Latin America and boost her international career Denise Faro.

In 2010 she became the first Italian to take part in the Mexican talent show La Academia Bicentenario

As part of her career she also appeared in several successful Italian and foreign television series (A doctor in the family, Welcome to the North-South table, Football & Drinks) and in the cinema (How you want me, The world of Patty – The Party at the Cinema, The Father – Nothing is as it seems).

In 2014 he also came to the most important American cinemas with the show “”.Postman“.

As for her career in the world of music, in 2010 she was the first Italian to participate in the Mexican talent show The Academia Bicentenario and in 2013 he won with the song “Thanks” the 53rd edition of Viña del Mar Festivalthe “South American Sanremo”.

The first single recorded is “I just want to be with you” from 2009, followed by several more songs in Italian, Spanish and English. The latest version is “Jacuzzi“, from 2020.

The first meeting with Vasco Rossi dates back to 2019, when he opened the concerts at the San Siro Stadium in Milan on June 6th and 7th.

To date Denise Faro has over 400,000 followers alone Instagram.

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