Mahmood explains what Tuta Gold means

Mahmood arrives in the press room and dances with some dancers to the tune of Gold suit.


The genesis of this song is interesting because it was written on a sort of study vacation in which the writers would lock themselves in writing sessions and then go to sea.

First came the chorus:

I've traced my story and less simple moments of my past and feel like I've really evolved a lot.

To understand his story, the image he brought us are the beds, the symbol of his new album, which will be released on February 16th In other people's beds.

Why did I choose the beds? For me, bed is the safe haven… you bring the people you love to bed.

The album is about intimacy and empathy, which the singer wanted to explore in more detail.

The cover of the fourth evening was brought to the stage for the first time

How deep is the sea? Lucio Dallait's the first time they sing Bittis Tenors at the festival of Sanremo. It was an easy decision to choose this song because it represents intimacy and depth of feelings.

If I had to sum up the whole song in one sentence I would say:

Don't compare me to such a bitch… For me, the gold suit is about strengthening yourself year after year. Expand on what has been achieved over the years.

Five minutes before I went on stage the other night I panicked and kept saying: But is it full of paper balls? How can I? What if I stumble? It's good that the adrenaline accompanies you.

When asked if he would change something so that others would like him more, he replies:

The day I change for others, I will be a sad person. I spent a lot of time wondering if I would be able to do this in life. I was afraid that everything would come to an end… even if I had to become a dentist one day, I would basically start writing.

Finally, on the power of music to send positive messages:

“Music is not enough” is an ugly phrase, music is always needed… A lot is expected from artists, but I express myself through songs.

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