Sanremo 2024: press conference by Alessandra Amoroso

Sanremo 2024: press conference by Alessandra Amoroso.

Until here included in EarOne's TOP10.

Alessandra Amoroso takes the floor to thank everyone.

ESC: Do you want to go? With this song or would you change it?

Not even out yet and I have to change it? Like a good, superstitious Southerner. Going to ESC would mean winning Sanremo… I would like that, but up to a certain point. This song means so much to me, so I would just take it if I had to.

For you, Sanremo is a finish line or a starting point for a new beginning.

A starting point that I have given myself over the last year and a half. It is a moment of rebirth.
Before these 15 years, I lived quite intensely.
In these 37 years, I now see myself in my wholeness and even pat myself on the back.

What has changed this year that made you decide to come to Sanremo?

I always said that I would only come with the right song. It was coincidence, fate, I don't know. For me, music is always a magical encounter.
When we met, me and the song, I realized it was the right time for this big thing.

Today I feel ready to face anything.

They will be singing with Boomdabash on Friday. What has this collaboration brought you so far and what will it bring you in the future?

There is a lot of friendship and a strong bond between us: the country, the dialect and our values. The desire to share the stage with brothers.
It is important to me to be able to pay homage to my Salento. The orchestra conductor is also from Salento and I brought Lecce to Sanremo.

Have you ever thought about doing something else besides singing?

I thought about it. I think music will always be a part of my life. I don't know if everything is like that. At 70 I see myself at home, maybe in Otranto, where my grandmother was born, maybe in her little house, with my fruit trees and my serenity.

Is it harder to live comfortably on social media?

For those who, like me, do not have the opportunity to be accompanied on a trip, it is very difficult. I think the most important thing is to ask for help and speak up without shame. People who judge and criticize with the sole desire to destroy you do not deserve all this energy on our part to understand, understand and justify the wickedness. Evil exists for everyone and in every profession.

You have to be aware of it and put in the right amount of effort. It has to be small.

About the song…

Fabio (Ketra) calls me and tells me they have a song. She asks me to listen to her and I went to Milan. We started writing down words.

There were already some references that I really liked. It was about a man who fell from the 50th floor and said, “So far, so good.”

We asked Vasco about the possibility of mentioning Sally. In that moment I felt like her, with the words coming out with the need to tell and tell about themselves. There I said: “I manage to put what I have experienced in these year and a half into a text.” I talk about my falls.

I can find people who feel the same way as me. It's one size fits all: whatever you wear, and it fits well.

This is the right song for me and maybe for others too.

Do you have any superstitious rituals before you go on stage?

More than one, but I can't say a single one, too many swear words! The other thing is my mother's happiness.

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