Mamo Giovenco di Amici is the new artistic director of Artist First

And while record companies have been announcing changes and additions to their rosters for some time now, in the music arena there is only one other major unannounced change that the arrival of brings with it Mama Juicellomusical director of Friends of Maria De Filippiand co-founder of the label 21coTo artists first.

artists first is the independent label founded in 2009 by Claudius Ferrante and which to date has about 120 gold records, 70 platinum records and one diamond record.

According to very reliable sources Maximilian Juvenus he would take on the role of artistic director of the label. A move that could shift different balance sheets since last year artists first deals with the distribution of most of the albums released by the record company Maria DeFilippi.

In fact, we remember that it was co-founded in 2022 by the moderator Giordana Angi, brig, Mama Giovanni, Emmanuel Sempio And Gabriel CostanzoThe 21co.

After the release of Jordanian by members (The singer-songwriter is currently busy with an international album, see Here) As of today, July 16, sees the record label Maria en Philippi as beneficial owner, Emmanuel Example as CEO e Gabriel, Jordanian, brig And Mother in the role of advisor.

There 21co so today it is divided as follows:

  • 52% Fascino Srl
  • 12% Mamo Bullock
  • 12% Emanuela Sempio
  • 12% Mattia Bellegrandi (Brig)
  • 12/ Gabrielle Costanzo

What will the position of artistic director be? Mother bull In Artist First? According to many, it is logical to imagine an even more crucial and “exclusive” role in the release of the albums Friends through the label. It could be sure that the dissemination of unreleased songs by the guys from FriendsSongs acquired by the program for the duration of their term could be handed over to the label in their entirety by The Orchard, which has distributed them for the last few years fervently.

To date Artist First presents winners and runners-up friends 21, Louis Strangis And Alex wand is the record company of Aaron since the last edition of the program.

As for the other two artists Louis And Alex are part of the list of 21co, angelina And waxthe second is distributed by warner Music Italy while the former also acts as a label alongside the record company Maria, Latarma records From Martha Donate while they are traders BMG extension And ADA Music Italy.

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