“New Common Cinema” is the film I had in mind

By vainsofjenna Jul19,2023 #Cinema #Common #film #Mind

dynasty release the CD New joint cinemaavailable on digital platforms for the label Tulips in the Bronx with distribution Leak.

The album consists of 10 tracks united by a common theme: movies. Among them is a special collaboration with the artist he is collaborating with dynasty began his musical journey in the program The voice of Italy In the 2015 This is the duet with J-axe in song The perfect series.

dynasty the record says: ““New Shared Cinema” is an album that was born a few years ago. The pandemic had put it on hold, but there were a few songs that needed to see the light of day. It’s a film I had in mind: there are songs inspired by films I grew up with, quotes from directors I respect, TV series I follow. People who listen to me always think: “Who made them do this?” “There is a song in this album that raises another question: who made them do it?” By my side are my lifelong friends: Giacomo Molino and Antonio Miranda for working with me on the songs. The few but good collaborations: J-Ax for the nerdiest song on the album (The perfect series), Peppoh, who helps me to write “about love” in an unconventional way for a Beecee & Mosca production (Il gioco dei se ). Thanks also to those who participated in the choirs: the students of the Agata Reale School“.

Here is the tracklist of New joint cinema:

#1 New joint cinema
#2 Like Martin
#3 My father’s hands
#4 It was nobody
#5 The race
#6 April 25th
#7 Button’s career
#8th The perfect series
#9 The game of self
#10 credits


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