Matteo Bocelli Phases Text and meaning of the piece written with Petrella and Katoo

Matthew Bocelli phases Meaning of the lyrics of the first single from the artist’s debut album, to be released on September 22nd next.

There is less and less to exit Capitol/Universal Music the first CD of Matteo, a project whose title is simply his name. The artist, known to be the son of one of the world’s leading Italian musicians, Andrea Bocelli, has so far released several singles in both Italian and English. Between these “Alone“, tell me” (with mahmood among the authors)”Time” And “In pursuit of a star‘ (which he sees among the authors Ed Sheeran and brother).

Besides that Matteo He also ventured into the author’s role by co-writing one of the album’s songs Francesco Renga And nec.

September 8th is the date on which Matteo Bocelli will release the first official single from the album”Matteo“.

Matteo Bocelli live meaning of the piece

phases“was co-written by the artist himself with hitmaker Made in Italy, David Petrella and from Francesco Catitti in art katoo.

This song tells about fears, awareness, emotions and the same periods of life Matteo he cruised.

The song produced by Michele Canovafollows “chasing stars“, on the release of this album, which will be distributed and produced worldwide.

In those months Matthew Bocelli In recent months he has been involved in an international tour produced and organized by live nation, which between Europe and America will also stop in Italy. More precisely on October 24th at the San Babila Theater in Milan and on October 25th at the Ghione Theater in Rome.

Matteo Bocelli Text and audio phases

Teach me to fall so nobody catches us
from all the fears and all the beautiful things
You only learn when you fall
Basically, these are just phases

The full text will appear on September 8th.

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