Annalisa’s new single announced with iconic trailer. New record achieved!

Annalisa A new single is coming soon… the announcement will appear tomorrow, Monday 4 September at 1pm on the artist’s social media. The singer recently revealed the cover, title and upcoming versions of “And then we ended up in the whirlpool‘, his eagerly awaited new album, which is launching with record numbers ahead of its release.

Before we discover these records, let’s take a look back at the singer’s final year of recording, a golden moment that ended in September 2022 with the release of “Nice“. The song was certified triple platinum.

Certainly the most complex moment in the months that followed. In fact, it was necessary to confirm this success. And so it was.

It came out in AprilMy love‘ and the song is still in the top 10 of the charts five months later FIMI Singles and are among the most played songs on Italian radio. This song was also certified triple platinum.

Now, after a summer in which she also played a supporting role fedez And Article 31 with “disco paradise“, the sold-out date planned for November on the forum and the start of the live dates in 2024, everything is ready for the third single, the last one before the album release.

Annalisa’s new single will be out soon

The trailer with the Annalisa announced the arrival of the new single, without currently revealing the title or release date (probably Friday September 11th, the certainty will come with the announcement on Monday September 4th), is worthy of the big international pop stars.

The singer does not appear in the video, but the camera moves, framing three mannequins. The first, a red dress and long red wig, represents the outfit of “Nice“. The second, corset, tie and a wig with a black bob used on the single’s cover symbolizes “My love“.

And finally a third look that will form the basis for the new single. It goes from black to white. More specifically, a white top with a leather jacket of the same color. At this moment you can see the hand of Annalisa Who takes the jacket?

As mentioned, this new song will be the last single before the release of “And then we ended up in the whirlpool“, the singer’s eighth studio album to be released Warner Music Italy on September 29th.

Here is the link to purchase the CD, vinyl and exclusive vinyl versions Amazon.

As we said at the beginning of this new album Annalisa is already starting with record numbers. Which? Click below to discover them further.

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