No Bars, JT of the City Girls makes his solo debut

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no bar is the single that marks the official solo debut of jt extension. The rapper is part of the famous duo City Girls, along with Yung Miami, who are now a fixture on the American music scene.

The rapper had already shared that with the fan community JT First day of excursion, an unreleased 2019 recording taken on the occasion of his release from prison. Then last year she performed with Nicki Minaj on the remix of Super freaky girl.

City Girls’ JT’s No Bars is available now!

Only Onika would have helped the artist write no baras revealed in a two-way interview published in late 2022 ID.

“I just posted a preview of this freestyle that I’ve had for a while. Nicki actually helped me with a slash.”

The song features a fairly simple production created by BrizzyOnDaBeat and Noc: the two beatmakers have already had the opportunity to collaborate with big names on the American scene such as PnB Rock, Rick Ross and Coi Leray. The subject of the two verses is the media, the critics and the competition who are always ready to criticize what JT is doing (click HERE for the full text):

“Second verse to you who hates A*sh*es (Tired A*s)/Who gets mad every time I strike a pose (Damn)/I’m cracked head to toe (Yep)/Hood bitch, dressed like a madman (Huh)/Run away now I’m walking some catwalk/Bitch you can’t fuck with me on your birthday (Never)”

As expected, the artist had shared a snippet of the track on social media last year and this release is unlikely to presage a solo record release. As a duo, however, the City Girls are soon planning a third recording project, which is being sponsored by pinata And i need a bat.

I’m waiting for news on the continuation of City at the Castleyou just have to relax no bar via the Spotify link you will find below… Enjoy listening!

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