The essence of rap is found in Loyle Carner’s life (or records).

How beautiful rap is, especially when it’s done well: we think about it every time we hear artists like him Loyle Carner or we are lucky enough to witness one of their lives.

The signee is the second time he has managed to step under the Lambeth, South London-born rapper’s stage: yesterday, Wednesday 12 July, was his absolute first time in Italy.

The location is the magnolia circle From Milan and below we tell you how it went.

We should all see Loyle Carner live

Yes, whether you like rap or not, whether you’re a fan of it or not, listening to it live brings with it an avalanche of examples of well-made rap songs and, most importantly, positive emotions that not everyone can convey.

With a t-shirt with artwork on it Malcolm X and an English understood even by those who don’t speak it that often, Loyle is indeed able to engage the entire audience present from the beginning to the end of the concert with pieces from his extensive repertoire and with speeches so elaborate Of pathos , which applauds every time.

Benjamin – that’s his real name – every time he takes the stage together with his talented band, he opens up and each one rushes to his aid, touching on issues related to discrimination, the society we live in and the Politics that dominate our world, and of course for his family, especially his son, to whom he is very close, and his ancestors, who come from the same father, are of Guinean origin and with whom he had minimal contact.

All wrapped up in a perfectly fluid and spontaneous manner in a selection of some of the best songs from his discography, including some of the always praiseworthy ones Ottolenghi And loose ends along with Jorja Smith. There were also excerpts from HugoLoyle Carner’s latest official album, released last October.

No break, no wrong bar. Everything done tightly, energetically and with a smile. Add to that a large audience from different backgrounds and the excellent Murena Studio at the opening, and you can understand how much this live performance by Loyle Carner was another beautiful aspect of the concerts that are becoming more and more frequent in our country.

Rap is also sharing, rap is above all what Loyle Carner does when he’s holding a microphone.

If you haven’t seen it live yet, try to catch up as soon as possible.

On the our Instagram page You can find some videos.

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