Noname is back: Sundial released

Waiting for the release of a new album lasted five years No namebut finally the time has come: we hold in our hands the second official album of the Chicago rapper, entitled sundials.

Noname leads the revolution with a sundial

Chicago MC, poet and producer Noname’s second album is finally here. As 1/3 of Ghetto Sage, she gained national fame in the summer of 2016 thanks to her debut mixtape phoneand upped the ante a few years later with the debut LP room 25.

The artist who himself boasted ““My pussy wrote a dissertation on colonialism”, had worried fans, who began to lose faith in the possibility of his new album being released. In fact, the rapper had temporarily paused her music career to pursue revolutionary politics and black community activism Noname Book Club.

He had already shown signs of fatigue Rolling Stone:

I’m starting to get a little less interested in making music

But sundials11 track LP, with guests like Billy Woods, Together, JayElectronics, Ayoni and others, has arrived.

In the last decade together with Chicago colleagues like e.g Chance of the rappers, Sheba And I smileunited by a hip-hop with neo-soul influences, Noname, in black mirrorwho opens the record with the bouncy rhythm typical of bossa nova, introduces his latest version of himself:

She is a shadowwalker, moonstalker, and black author
Librarian, adversary

Noname has often been accused of contrarism because of her political ideals and her criticism of popular artists who she believes contribute to capitalist ills. It’s no less in sundials: Jay Z, rihanna, Beyonce And Kendrick Lamar They are being criticized for their involvement in the Super Bowl, which Noname sees as an event that glorifies the US military.

To further increase his status contraryalso included a guest verse in balloons by Jay Electronica with martial-religious lyrics. The announcement of their collaboration has sparked controversy, and their pro-Farrakhan and anti-Zelensky lines are bound to be controversial, but certainly reflect Noname’s desire to break away from the mainstream.

Lots of irons in the fire for an album that certainly calls for a more careful listening. A work that Noname undoubtedly confirms Little Simz, Sa Roc And What a noirto the relevant artists compensating for the absence of the female gender in rap.

sundials You can find it at the link below, give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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