The first 50 years of hip-hop: watch our tribute video

Find the words to say thank youhip hop It’s not easy at all, after all we’re talking about a cultural movement that has changed the lives of many people, including us: that’s why we thought we’d pay homage to it with a tribute video that might be of… help for those who have not yet had the time or opportunity to learn about the first 50 years Story.

Happy birthday hip hop, happy birthday to your first 50 years

What is hip hop?

Hip-hop is culture, it’s sharing, it’s spending days without going home to follow your passion, it’s blood and sweat on the concrete, it’s adrenaline, it’s that detail that few understand but to be proud of, it’s a friendship or a friendship love that otherwise would never have seen the light of day, its rhythm, its pace, its style. Hip hop is all that and more. Hip hop is history.

All too often this history is forgotten or not found the time to study it thoroughly, risking that new generations will grow up and evolve with less and less knowledge of what came before them.

In our little way we try pass it onwith a view to one of the four elements of hip-hop, rap, but with the knowledge that it is not possible to report on every single representative, every project and every event.

Slowly we tell the story here and further Instagram with our History of Hip Hop format. However, for his fiftieth birthday, we wanted to do something more and create a small tribute video that can help showcase at least some of the grandeur of it cultural movement to whom we owe so much.

We hope you enjoy it and use it wisely.

Happy 50th Birthday Hip Hop. Thank you for everything.

hp You can find all the credits in the description of the video.

Images and video by Mr Peppe Occhipinti

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