Roberto Casalino talks about the piece written with and for Tiziano Ferro

The new single from Titian Ferro for summer 2023, Travel destination by the sea. The song is also the first collaboration with the producer of ITHACA, Merk & Kremontis very important in the Latin American singer-songwriter’s discography as he sings for the first time a song he wrote with his great friend, songwriter and best-selling author, Robert Casalino.

friends since youth, Titian And Robert for example, they often wrote together and okay For Syria included in the album It’s not a sinand the super hit never forget me From Giuseppe Ferreri.

Since 2001, the year of the start of the recording project of Titian ironto this day, the careers of the two artists have run parallel Robert who was successful as an author, but also published records himself, e.g Titian who became the man who revolutionized Italian pop in the ’00s.

In all the years, however, it had never happened that a jointly written song was sung iron. Now it happens with Travel destination by the sea. Robert Casalino I wanted to share the joy of this release by posting the cover photo we used for this article and the following words on social media…

Tiziano and I hit it off straight away. Since that evening in 1993 in front of the volleyball hall: we had known each other for an hour and were waiting for our parents to pick us up. We exchanged a few words, hummed a song.

The music brought us together immediately.
And he saved us.

Our friendship has gone through many seasons and hasn’t always been easy, like life after all. But we were always there for each other: we were always FAMILY.

And now, exactly 30 years after 1993, we’re celebrating all of this with music and humming a song like that night.

DESTINAZIONE MARE is our song, the first you will sing.
It means so much to us, more than can be explained.
We know it.
And I don’t know what name to give this great emotion ❤️

When drafting Travel destination by the sea with Robert Casalino And Titian iron he also worked David Simonett.

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