Romina Falconi responds to Arisa’s LGBTQ+ People speech

The statements of Develop on the community LGBTQ+ and about approaching Georgia melonscaring mother According to the singer, her rights are now a topic of discussion all over the Internet and we told you about it and expressed our opinion. Here. Now comes another artist Romina Falconiperhaps less exposed on TV, but certainly more action-packed (she was raised by a transgender while her mother was away on business) to answer the question.

I want to try to expand the media’s portrayal of the LGBTQIA+ community, which isn’t just cartoons and blatant things, but ordinary, cultured people. We gotta stop scaring, prove we’re wow people

Romina hawksSinger-songwriter and author before going on stage in Bari, where she takes part in the tour teach me life with Emmanuel ChasteHe wanted to express his thoughts without too many words.

Regarding Arisa’s statements, I think Arisa has every right to speak her mind, we all should indeed have the right to speak our minds, and that’s exactly why I want to use that freedom today and comment on the mind not on the person

Those are the words with which Romina Falconi begins his video on Instagram by explaining that this is not an attack on the person, but a reaction to the concept. So the singer-songwriter continues…

A strict mother is a mother who wants her children to be aware of their mistakes and actually learn from them, much less take an active role in depriving their children of their constitutional rights. For example equality before the law.

A mother certainly doesn’t commit, that is internationally, to prevent her children from becoming parents themselves, but what about, do you want to be a mother and by no means do you want to become a grandmother???

And most importantly, a mother accepts her children for who they are and doesn’t divide them into characters or individuals who fall into well-defined, more respectable rules.”

We often talk about “gay icons”. lady Gaga This is something that doesn’t play with the concept of diversity but makes it a reason for living.

Here, perhaps in Italy, it would be appropriate to ‘vote’ these icons for the way they think and not just for the fact that they are badass and popular women in the musical mainstream.

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