Sanremo 2024, new regulation: what changes, the announcement

This morning, Sunday 9th July 2023, a particularly haunting rumor was circulating on social media related to the upcoming initial announcement of amadeus about the Sanremo Music Festival 2024, which he actually talked about in general in a recent interview with Il Fatto. An announcement that finally arrived on time like a Swiss watch. Today amadeus wanted to formalize several very important news, including those related to a new “revolution” that he wanted to bring to the event of which he has been artistic director and conductor for four years. So let’s take a look at everything the presenter anticipated in the preview with one of his video messages related to TG1.

Amadeus announces the reorganization of Sanremo 2024: via the opinion poll space for the radios

In the last editions, the songs of the competition were voted on in three parts between televoting, opinion poll jury and press/radio/webroom jury. Well, in the next issue of the San Remo Festivalas confirmed by amadeus, the opinion poll will disappear. It’s a choice that will surely find the positive opinion of those who have for some time dubiously complained about the actual judgment of a number of people who can’t be better identified within the most mysterious of the three juries. In fact, many wondered who took part in the opinion poll and what criteria were used to select its members.

So who will take the place of opinion polls? As revealed by amadeus it will be the radios: Indeed, in the new regulation, televoting, the newspaper/web press jury and the jury composed of all radios (including small local broadcasters) will be used to vote for the songs in the competition, who will thus be in the have a role and weight in them compared to printing.

The division of the evenings – this is how it will work

Amadeus has also announced many other innovations with regard to the organization of the various evenings. On the first evening of Tuesday, February 6th, we will listen to all the songs in the competition. On Wednesday nights we hear the first half of the competing artists’ songs, while on Thursday nights we hear the rest of the songs.

Another novelty is the fact that the singers who performed on Wednesday act as co-moderators for the singers on Thursday and vice versa: in this case the pairings will be drawn and announced a few hours in advance. Friday is a cover night: the singers will perform accompanied by another colleague, unless the artists are already two singers in the competition (think a duo). mahmood And Blanco) or, for example, a group. In addition, during the cover night, the artists have complete freedom: on Friday February 9th they can in fact sing any song released until 2023, whether Italian or international, even a reinterpretation of their own piece. Finally, the final evening will take place on Saturday 10th, with the podium at 17.00 as in the previous edition.

Cover Photo: Rai Press Office

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