Sanremo 2024, out of regulation, the best ever

Sanremo 2024 is about to come alive and amadeus He reminded us of this in the last few hours by publishing the official rules of the festival, in which he introduced various innovations in order to keep improving the rules and to make the task of his successors even more impenetrable.

The most talked about and really impactful news concerns the jury, the cover night and the co-hosts on the various nights at the Ariston Theater.

We point out that from what we have read it can be concluded that this Sanremo guide is one of the best ever written in the history of the event, in terms of ideas and completeness.

It’s going to be a really tough task to make it even better at least in the next two or three issues. Then, as in all things, it will be necessary to see the impact of these changes on the real success of the five days in Sanremo.

Sanremo 2024, here are the details of the new regulation

When regulating Sanremo 2024which consists of 32 pages, we begin by indicating the date of this issue, from February 6 to 10, 2024and then move on to everything else.

26 artists are taking part in the competition, including the three winners from Sanremo Giovani, who will all be performing from the first evening. This is a novelty that needs further explanation.

The risk of extremely long prime time is very high, and considering the possible presence of a guest or two and the events of the past few years, it’s easy to predict closure at 2am at the earliest.

Another great novelty concerns the cover evenings.

As already announced by the same amadeus The day before the regulation is published, the 26 artists have complete freedom to choose the cover art.

They can choose a song that belongs to them or another artist with the only rule that the above songs were not released after December 31st, 2023.

The regulation also states verbatim that “the artists must interpret the cover assisted by an Italian or foreign guest artist nominated by them, in agreement with the artistic director and with …”. Rai.

Recognized artists who are already participating in the festival’s competition in pairs (or in a larger team) as an “artists’ association” created for the occasion cannot benefit from the guest artist’s presence.


Let’s move on to what is perhaps the most powerful part of this regulation Sanremo 2024So the new composition of the juries.

This year the opinion poll jury will be replaced by the radio jury, made up of radio stations selected according to criteria of representation of the entire Italian territory.

As always, the rest is in the press room and televoting.

Specifically, the press office will vote for the evening of February 6th, the radio jury and the televoting will vote equally on the second and third evenings, all three sectors on the fourth evening and only the televoting in the final for the evening of February 6th.

The votes of the fourth evening are distributed as follows: Televoting 34%: jury of the press room, TV and web 33%, jury of the radio 33%.

As every year, the sum of the different votes obtained during the four evenings will give rise to the different rankings, which will be updated day by day to then be completed with the final vote by the public.

In the end things will change, just like last year.

At the end of the performances, the first 5 classifieds will be announced and from these a further voting will be carried out, which will not take into account the classifications previously obtained with the various averages.

There will be a new public vote with televoting, the jury of the press room, TV and web and the jury of the radios.

The three voting systems have a percentage weighting on the overall result of this last vote of the evening, broken down as follows: televoting 34%: jury from press room, television and internet 33%; Radio jury 33%.

The singers in the competition are co-conductors

Another big news from Sanremo 2024 On the second and third evening, for the first time, all 26 singers in the competition can also try their hand at being co-conductors.

The 13 artists who will not be performing on February 7th will present alongside Amadeus the 13 colleagues who will, however, present their unreleased works on the evening of February 8th and vice versa.

The connection between the “presenting” artists and the performing artists during the two evenings will be made through a public draw, which will preferably take place during the daily press conferences on February 7th and 8th, 2023.

Therefore it is likely that amadeus decides to only and exclusively be supported in the competition by “its” artists and not to envisage an external presence, even if this remains a hypothesis that is difficult to implement.

As for the presentation of the hypothetical song a Sanremo 2024The regulation states:

“…artistic proposals may be submitted (pieces featuring relatively performing artists) by artists or by their representatives or by other subjects duly authorized by them, in compliance with the level requirements required and indicated above for participation, which – for the purposes of their evaluation – should preferably be sent by November 27th, 2023 to: RAI – Festival Organization via Montesanto 68, 00195 Rome (Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm), according to the preferred methods if by email to Produzionesanremo@rai .it ( and/or any other email notified by the festival organization). Proposals received after this date cannot be considered.”

So, starting with November 27, 2023 The countdown to the compilation of the final squad of 23 participants + the three youth winners officially begins.

There will be no new “Morandi Gate” or “Fedez Gate”.

The regulation of Sanremo 2024 includes a very interesting clause on the unreleased songs presented in the competition, which was probably inserted after the events of recent years fedez And morandi.

In fact, in the past, the songs of the two artists had been accidentally filmed and uploaded to social networks and this matter, as is well known, should have foreseen the exclusion from the festival.

In order not to fall back into similar, awkward, and certainly undesirable episodes by the above artists, the regulation states that the song can be considered “new” and fully eligible if:

“The songs – in the whole composition or just the musical part or just the literary text – have only occasionally been interpreted and/or performed live (or transmitted in a recorded version) in a private and/or family context. in any case outside the exercise of the artistic profession, even if a recording and/or recording and/or reproduction has been made by someone without the consent and/or knowledge of the artist himself.

So if the fedez in the service is accidentally taken over by Leo Lucy on duty and the video ends up on the net, from this year there will be no more consequences.

Another note that is inevitable by now is that the winner of Sanremo 2024 will continue right awayEuro Vision Song Contest who will return to Sweden in 2024.

Of all these points, the one that has certainly generated the greatest interest is the replacement of the jury for ambiguous opinion polls with the radio jury.

In this regard, comments are increasingly circulating on the Internet regarding the selection of the above radio stations that will be entitled to vote, but there is currently no formal list on which to express an opinion.

The most obvious thing, also for practical reasons, would be to refer to the radios registered in the RadioTER data collection system for the most complete possible list from north to south, but as known, the Rai has always distanced itself from this company and its own audiometric system.

It is also known, among other things, that certain radio stations may have personal interests in relation to the release of titles in the competition, which is why a clear, unambiguous decision must be made without anyone being benefited or disadvantaged.

The rest of the regulation is available on the official channels of the Rai Click Here.

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