Shannen Doherty announces she has brain metastases

“My anxiety is evident,” Shannen Doherty writes in one Video in which she is undergoing radiation therapy, which she posted on Instagram. The ex Brenda of Beverly Hills 90210The 52-year-old has been battling the disease since August 2015 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a period of remission in 2017, the tumor had returned and the actress had to undergo another operation. Then in 2020 he announced a fourth stage recurrence, metastasis.

Now he reveals that he has brain metastases and posts a clip from January 2023: “On January 5, my CT scan showed brain metastases. The first round of radiation took place on January 12th. My fear is obvious. I’m very claustrophobic…”.

Subsequently, the actress also shared another video showing the process of fitting the mask to be worn during radiation to the brain and thanking her doctors: “I’m lucky because I have excellent doctors like Dr . Amin Mirahdi and the great technicians of the.” Cedar Sinai. But that fear…the turmoil…the timing of it all…that’s what cancer can look like.”

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