the chronicle of the turquoise carpet

Only two days left until the first semifinals of theEuropean Championship 2023planned at Liverpool (UK) from May 9th to 13th. Traditionally, the world’s most attended musical event had its metaphorical “kick-off” with the Turquoise carpet – Event where all 37 delegations were presented in front of the fans and the accredited press in the wonderful setting of the St. George Hall.

Kissed by a spring sun, the ceremony went smoothly: all the singers descended the steps and stopped for a brief introduction by the event’s presenter, the Ukrainian Timur Miroshnychenko (former conductor ofEuro Vision 2017 and gods Junior Eurovision 2009 And 2013) and the British Sam Quek. This was followed by the long catwalk, where the artists showed off their outfits and met the approximately 1,000 fans admitted to the event, as well as journalists and photographers from TV, radio, newspapers and websites from all over Europe.

This Swedish guy Lorene and finnish Käärijä, ranking first and second in bettors’ quotes, were obviously among the most frequently interviewed artists and caught the attention of those in attendance longer than any other. Italian-Norwegian was also very popular Alexandra Mele, first artist to face the turquoise carpet in an elegant black dress and the now inevitable tiara; as a contrast to the long green dress of the polonaise Blanka Staykovthe one with the word “Bejba‘ (aka ‘Baby’, the line that begins her song, which has since become a meme among fans because of the way she pronounces it) in big letters on the train.

Finally Marco Mengoni, one of the “most wanted” artists – arrived on the carpet in a designer waistcoat and black leather pants VersaceShe replaced the sleeveless jacket with a tailored jacket for the shady stretch of the course. To the microphones of Quek and Miroshnychenko, Marco said he can’t wait to get on stage and experience his second participation in theeuro vision (10 years after 7 Malmo 2013). In addition, he repeatedly affirmed his allegiance to this edition’s logo (“United By Music”) and said he prepares for the performances with long meditation sessions and controlled breathing.

Talk about Liverpool – the host city of this 67th edition of theeuro vision – Marco reminded of the Beatles and his gospel version let it be with which he received the first position in the evening Sanremo 2023 cover dedicated.

These are the hot statements we collected from some competitors in the race:

David Meilak Jr., The Street Musician (Malta): “I’m not a big fan of music as a competition. I used my participation in X factor Malta as part of my learning journey to help me advance my career and get out of my room and onto a bigger stage. Compared to the talent show, Eurovision is different because you have to be immediately ready for the big stage – you have to be able to put yourself in a situation where you are immediately ready to perform.”

Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis, Sudden Lights (Latvia): “The most beautiful thing about Eurovision is the positivity you breathe, the love for music, for people and for diversity. We have always followed Eurovision, to be here is a dream come true.”

The Zara (France): “(I grew up in Canada) I knew about Eurovision because my mother sang the song to me Marie Myriam, L’oiseau et l’enfant. The real introduction to the competition came later when I moved to France.”

mimic (Portugal): “I think it’s important to bring a piece of your culture (to the Eurovision Song Contest), in music or in clothing or in any element. But in the end I think the most important thing is to be able to represent yourself and your country well, even if that means not having any cultural influence.”

Victor Varnicos (Greece): “I’ve been following Eurovision for years, actually was the first song I sang live heroes, From Mans Zelmerlow. I was only eight years old, I sang it at summer camp, so in a way Eurovision has always been a part of me and I’m grateful to be on that stage.”

Iru Khechanovi (Georgia): “Having competed and won Junior Eurovision in 2011, I feel like I’ve already gotten used to the pressure of the event and working in a team like this. Eurovision is such a great experience, it’s really fun and I’m so happy to be back.”

Marco Sgaramella, Piqued Jacks (San Marino): “The idea (of participating in One vote for San Marino) came naturally because we’ve always sung in English… our catchment area is Europe, someone who understands English, in short… with sanremo it was a little harder. We’ve seen Achilles Lauro Last year we said: “Why don’t we try it?”. We tried, like any other competition… it went very well!

Bojan Cvjeticanin, Joker Out (Slovenia): “I think the influence of mane skin was enormous, not only on the Eurovisual scene but also on the international one. I think thanks to the mane skin Now bands have more recognition in the Eurovision Song Contest, which is good.”

Ashley Doodkorte, Voyager (Australia): “It makes a lot of sense that Eurovision is going to be rockier. It’s always struck us as odd that there wasn’t that much rock at Eurovision when you think about it, what’s more theatrical than a song with a nice heavy sound? There’s drama in rock, there’s intensity, there’s big imagery, and for us, that’s what Eurovision is all about. It’s great that the Eurovisual community is taking all of this and allowing us to present it on the biggest stage in the world.”

Gustav (Belgium): “It’s great to represent my country with a positive and inclusive message. And it’s also great (after being a backing singer at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 and 2021) to finally be able to bring my vision to the stage. I’ve been following the Eurovision Song Contest since I was seven and have seen it win Johnny Logan with hold me now… Another moment I hold in my heart was the victory of Dan International (1998), for the queer boy that I was, it showed things were changing.”

L’Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be broadcast Liverpool Arena From Liverpool (UK), with the two semi-finals being broadcast Rai 2 Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th May at 9pm, while the final will be broadcast by Rai 1 Saturday May 13 at 8:40 p.m.

Twenty-six nations including theItaly (rightfully admitted as a member of the Big 5, the five nations that contribute most to the EBU’s finances), the qualifiers will be in the final act of review. Management is entrusted to an unprecedented couple Gabriel courses And Mara Maionchi, during the simulcast commentary Rai radio 2 It runs Channel 202 be involved from digital terrestrial La Mario, Saverio Raimondo And Diletta Parlangeli.

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