the new single “4 Sberle” against violence against women

Shortly after the release of the third album “Finally“, Djomi releases new single “4 slaps“. The song has been on the radio and on all digital platforms ever since February 23, 2024deals with the issue of violence against women.

4 slaps“has a special origin. TO November 2023, Djomi He had to attend an event at his house Cervia (RA), on the occasion of the day against violence against women. For this occasion they had asked him to sing another piece. But the theme of the evening inspired him and unexpectedly led him to create a new song. And so the newly released single was born.

Djomi told: “Dealing with such a topic was a challenge: no one ever taught me not to be violent towards women, but also how not to be violent in general. I learned it myself since I was little, it seems such a simple thing, we should already have it in us“.

And he adds: “When I started working on the song I didn't set out to lecture about how violence is wrong, because it's true, it's wrong, but anyone with any musical and stylistic approach would have written a song of this nature differently. I chose instead to use the “every rope has two ends” argument and instead of talking about the effects of evil, I decided to talk about the origin“.

4 slaps“ is an intense song that testifies to the growth path of Djomi. The artist has three albums under his belt, the latest of which – “Finally” – was published in October 2023. In his music he shows a personal style and a special attitude, coupled with a linguistic talent that is significant for a boy in his early twenties. Thanks to these properties, it has won several awards. Last year Djomi he won Castrocaro 2023and established himself as the first rapper to win the event. And again he was one of the four finalists Lunezia Prize 2023.

4 SLAPS, the lyrics

I didn't want to do anything trivial about an ultimately universal topic.
To say it is wrong would not be worth teaching
So I'm talking about the origin of evil.

I am a thought
went through the brain for a few seconds
like a salesman at a door
I am a passenger.
I'm selling a dream by hiding the trap from you
I walk past without a ticket and skip the turnstile.
Wouldn't it be nice to always have everything under control?
Let's talk about the bill first, see you later
I always go with the first offer
because basically
Everyone says they accept if there are no costs involved.
And now I'm changing
in an idea.

Suddenly everything is clearer
and it starts to suck less and less.
My friend's friend's friend
He said everyone does it
and that you have the right reasons when you raise your finger.
Love holds me
like a pair of chains
with the anger already swirling in the blood in my veins
On the other hand, I only want to do it for good
our relationship, so maybe it is convenient for you.

After a month
It's already a concept
Fuck what other people say
Dad did it to mom and she has already moved on.
After all, 4 slaps are not punches and kicks
And if it hurts too much, alcohol helps.
The first shot was strange, but I didn't give up
The second moment I was tempted by his tears
The third time I lost patience because he answered me
on the fourth my hands on his neck…
…and there they are a habit.

After I take the hammer, I don't go through the anvil
The head says: “Brother, don't disappoint me”
After all, I am the man, I make the decisions
Put on a long sweater and don't tell me or you'll die.
I meant we shouldn't jump to conclusions
We're at the restaurant and we're alone at home talking about it
I took the flowers as compensation
At least I'm bringing the world inside so you don't go outside again.

Our journey is already over
the story of a great man who is exposed and turned into a failure.
It's sad that this story is being told
some people already know it
without the two characters having a name…
They're just not characters…
They're just not characters…


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