Betta Lemme starts again from Italy with “Dance Til Forever”

The new project of the Italian-Canadian pop star Betta Lemme starts from Italy with the single “Dance until eternity” will be published from Friday, March 8th.

Betta Lemme In 2017, he reached the top of the world charts with the hit “” and collected over 83 million views on YouTube.Doll” engraved in three languages ​​(English, French and Italian), but his artistic journey was long and varied.

Betta He began playing the piano at the age of two and abandoned his classical studies in his youth to devote himself to his great love, dance music. She has now been inspired by many styles of music, from Abba To Dalida go through Stromae.

Throughout his musical journey, he has collaborated with artists like Rick Markowitz (Chainsmokers, LP, Melanie Martinez) e Scott Harris (Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendez, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber) who play on major stages worldwide, such as: Coachella And Osheaga.

Now seven years after the great Italian success of “Doll” (Golden record, over 20 million streams on SpotifyPodium of Shazam and most played independent song on radio) and with several songs featured in major Netflix series such as: elite And Good girlsShe is ready to set out from Italy and with an Italian management for her new recording adventure.

Betta lemme Dance Til Forever

The new song will be available on radio and digital platforms from Friday 8th of March For.

Dance until eternity” is a song that combines overseas pop with the energy of dance house and contains references to Spanish atmospheres.

It's no coincidence that the versatile artist, writer and producer decided to return to the stage on International Women's Day. Even with his music Betta Lemme wants to be a promoter of important values ​​associated with the empowerment of women and the just struggle for the implementation of the fundamental rights of all people.

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