Thomas reinterprets one of the international pop gems of recent years. Here’s the video

While almost all Italian artists intend to launch their possible catchphrases for the summer of 2023, the young man is Thomas makes a contrary decision and starts posting some live sessions on his site Instagram and is the first song selected Lonely From Justin Bieber.

The singer-songwriter after releasing the single last January 11:23 p.m attended A voice from San Marino. On the occasion of the release of the song, we conducted a video interview with him to tell him about his long and intense artistic career despite his young age.

You can restore it Here And we assure you it’s worth it, because beyond the talent show that introduced him to the general public, Friendsour website has followed the steps of the singer-songwriter’s career ever since Thomas He has a multifaceted human and artistic personality and is one of the most talented artists of his generation, who, like international pop stars, can combine song and dance on stage.

Thomas Lonely live sessions

As we said at the beginning Thomas has decided to release a series of covers on his social pages to show off some of his unreleased pages, pages that will find a place in the singer’s next album.

We asked him to tell us how the decision to release live sessions in the studio came about:

“In these live sessions, my team and I created some unplugged content and chose covers that reflect my new music project and most importantly the author influences.”

The first piece chosen by the singer-songwriter is, as mentioned at the beginning, ” Lonelyone of the most intense songs in the repertoire of the international pop star justin Beaver. Thomas He tells us why he wanted to start with this song, a song that also influenced the way he approached writing his unreleased songs…

“I wanted to start with ‘Lonely’, a song that spoke to many of my blindness from the first listen and that marked an important awareness in my approach to writing.

With this song, Justin opened the most sensitive, introspective and fragile doors of himself to the public, digging deeper than ever before in his career.

His courage and sincerity inspired me to do the same in the studio with my songs, which is why I decided to pay homage to this song and this great artist by telling my story in his words.

No matter how strong, charismatic, ambitious, determined and successful a person may be, there are moments when you have to face your demons, your insecurities and your fears… and then everything else disappears and you realize that you really are ALONE is .

Below is the interpretation of Lonely prepared by Thomas. Filming was conducted by Andrea Lucchin.

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