Sanremo young 2023, out of regulation. The following changes

Sanremo Youth 2023 Regulation. Today, June 5, 2023, the Rai has published the regulations of the new edition of the competition to which reference is made Sanremo Music Festival 2024 edited by amadeus.

The first novelty is that the young people who will land on the Ariston stage and join the cast of The Big in the main competition will again be three Sanremo 2022.

There should have been three last year too, but amadeus He decided to increase the number to six, which may be a bit of an exaggeration for the public. However, it is known that the artistic director can change his mind during the work.

Another innovation is the unpublished term, which is replaced by “new song” in the regulation.

Also confirmed Sanremo area 2023 travel by car amadeus.


Remember you can find the full regulation here Here Here are the most important things you should know.

Registration is possible from 6 p.m June 15, 2023 and in any case no later than Sunday October 15, 2023. The platform for uploading the pieces is available until 18.00 from 15/10.

Registration is via the festival website (Here).

The form on the site must be sent with the data of the artist, as well as the composers and authors of the new song. Video, audio and text of the piece, a photo and a short presentation of the artist and his artistic project.



As we said at the beginning, the unpublished term in the regulation changes to “new song” (or “new song”). It will be necessary to have a new song in the selection phase and then, as in previous years, a second song for the festival.

The “new song” must have the lyrics in Italian and may contain words and/or idioms and/or short phrases in a dialect or foreign language, provided they do not distort the overall Italian character of the lyrics.

A “new song” is a song that has not yet been enjoyed in its entire composition, or only its musical part, or only its literary text, by a present or distant audience, or has not yet been performed or interpreted in any way, in whole or in part, live or in a recorded version in the presence of a present or distant audience.

See pages 12 and 13 for the full regulation HERE the criteria by which a piece meets or fails to meet the characteristics of a ‘new song’.


not how San Remo areato participate we will be young You need to be introduced by a record company.


The minimum age of 16 on January 1, 2014 and 30 on the same date remains unchanged.


I have never participated in the Sanremo Festival in the Big/Champions category or in the Individual category. Don’t participate Sanremo area 2023.

Be present in the music market by marketing at least two songs


The artists selected for the live audition must send the organization a second “new song” which can also be judged by the Music Commission, who can also request a live performance. The second piece will be the one that will be presented in the competition in case of a podium place in the final Sanremo Music Festival 2024.

The same goes for the winners of Sanremo area 2023.

THE 3 PHASES of Sanremo Youth 2023

audio stage

The first phase consists of the Music Commission listening to and evaluating all the ‘new’ songs by the artists (individuals or groups).

From here, at least 30 artists are selected for the live audition.

live audition

Through a live audition in Rome, the Music Commission was chaired by amadeus selects 8 artists who will be there with their new songs on the final evening Sanremo Youth.

Last night

Live in prime time of Rai 1 In December. There will be 8 artists selected from the Sanremo Giovani Live Auditions and 4 from the Sanremo 2023 Area. The 12 artists will perform and will be chosen again by the Artistic Director and the Music Commission, both with a 50% weighting. The top three will join the festival cast with a second new song.

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