Tony Boy, from “Export” to “Nostalgia (export)” with a feat with Artie 5ive

Already available in both physical formats (standard CD, unsigned standard vinyl and white vinyl with signed leaflet) and digitally: “Nostalgia (export)“is the new and highly anticipated album from Tony boythe fourth after “Get hard“, “Get Hard 2” And “Modest“ (Gold certified) and represents the natural continuation of “Exports“, a project in progress released digitally two months ago.

And it's the same with the seven songs that have already been released Tony boy adds another seven unpublished ones, including a feature with Artie 5ive.

Between sounds that mix trap and melodies and the rapper's constant ability to combine the more conscious side with explosive bangers, “Nostalgia (export)” is dedicated to the fan base of Tony boyHe is eager to hear his most famous songs, which are already cult on social media and streaming platforms. He is able to step on the accelerator hard but also offer moments of great poetry.

Tony Boy, “Nostalgia (Export)”: the tracklist

  1. Hard
  2. Lean strokes
  3. YES / YES
  4. Fortuna feat. Artie 5ive
  5. Six in the morning
  6. War
  7. My buddy
  8. child
  9. Come and get it
  10. Swiss
  11. Backups
  12. Physician
  13. she stays
  14. I am so

Nostalgia (export)It is already sold out in the following versions: hand-signed CD, hand-made vinyl with hand-drawn cover (only 100 copies sold out in just over an hour) and black vinyl with hand-signed leaflet.

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